Your Car May Soon Drive Itself AND Save on Your Insurance

Although they may seem to be a thing of the future, self-driving cars are here now. Recently Google won 25 Department of Motor Vehicles permits for testing of driver-less vehicles, and their usage could help many save on insurance.

Accident Free Driving?

There will never be a driver-less world, as the joy of being behind the wheel goes back to as far as the four-wheeled motor carriage was invented. But self-driving cars will, of course, drive themselves, and industry professionals are saying that it’s possible roads will become safer because of it, and insurance rates could go down.

Telematics – where a computer measures a driver’s operations – is already in use in several places around the world. Computers that both drive your car and/or report on your usage of it are never meant to be a tool an insurance provider may be able to use against you. They are meant to assist a driver in learning how good driving habits can assist in avoiding accidents and remaining claims-free.

Self-driving cars will come installed with a computer capable of knowing exactly what lane to be in, the speed to be driving and all the exits to take. They will know when they are surrounded by other vehicles, and will even figure out the best alternate route to take when congestion is at its peak.

Distracted driving is a serious risk for automobile operators of any kind, and driver-less cars essentially eliminate that possibility.

For Those Buckling Up and Ready to Go

With or without a driver, remember to take these other precautions while on the road:

  • If you have been away from your vehicle while left in a public place, before entering circle your car and check for any visible damage or obstacles.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Make sure to program your destinations into your GPS before starting to drive.
  • Ensure your doors are locked.
  • Ensure passengers are under proper care and control at all times.

As well, positioning your seat and mirrors properly is pivotal to both driving comfort and safety.

Cars and Accidents

Interestingly, some cars do get into accidents more often than others. Drivers-less or not.

In this report, the Insurance Board of Canada (IBC) releases figures for the occurrence rate of collisions based on specific types of vehicles, and they represent just about every type of car owner out there.

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