What Does Medical Office Insurance Cover?

What does medical office insurance cover?

Medical offices and clinics have a special and important role in our society, and thus require specialised insurance to meet the unique needs and challenges that they face. Protecting your clinic with a comprehensive property and liability insurance policy is the best way to ensure your office can endure any difficulties and continue to help your patients. The first step in securing the safety of your patients and the longevity of your practice is proper insurance.

Commercial property insurance is not sufficient coverage for medical offices, as it excludes your medical equipment and clinic contents. In order to protect and secure your assets, you need a tailored insurance policy designed for your clinic. That being said, a comprehensive medical office insurance package will include a range of specific features that will protect your facility from a wide range of risks.

With medical office insurance, you are safeguarding your clinic in case of damage to the property or equipment, loss of income due to forced closures, fraud, data breaches, and the cost of liability claims. Through this post, you will gain a deeper understanding of what your insurance policy covers and how it protects your office.

General Liability

Since your medical office exists within a physical space that clients visit in-person, general liability insurance is crucial for protecting your practice against third-party injury or damages. If a patient sustains injuries or damage to their property at your establishment due to your negligence, then you can be liable. Your medical insurance package that includes general liability can provide coverage against liability claims or lawsuits.

Business Property

Business property coverage is for your clinic’s physical property. In the event of fire, vandalism, or other disasters, this will cover the damage done to your office. It includes the actual structure of your clinic or treatment facility, as well as office equipment, computers, furniture, fixtures, leasehold improvements, indoor/outdoor signs, and more. 

A safe and well-equipped office is essential for your clinic to function. If any of your property is damaged or destroyed, your insurance will help you complete repairs, pay for replacements, and rebound successfully. If the building that houses your clinic sustains damage and has to close, then your insurance policy will once again be able to step in and help your clinic recover as quickly as possible.

At Bow Valley Insurance, our medical office insurance package also covers your essential property (like medical supplies) even in transit.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment that has been damaged so that it requires repair or replacement can be costly and, ultimately, stall your clinic’s operations. With medical office insurance, these often surprise-expenses can be made more manageable. Financial assistance that allows you to make necessary repairs or replacements will get your facility back to being fully operational in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The mechanical breakdown of covered equipment is also covered within your Bow Valley Insurance medical office insurance package.

Business Interruption

If your clinic is forced to temporarily close, then your income will come to a halt. However, many of your expenses will continue. Your medical office may have to close due to disaster, renovations, or ongoing settlement negotiations. 

One of the aims of your medical office insurance package is to help you recover from these times of business interruption, assisting you with recouping the associated losses that have closed your clinic or hampered your operations.


With medical office insurance, you are also covered in case of fraud. Losses, such as those from employee dishonesty, can be reimbursed, thus protecting your clinic. Your business will be able to continue helping clients, and you will also be able to avoid reputational damage.

Data Breach

Unfortunately, cyber crimes are becoming increasingly common, often through hacking, phishing, or device theft. As the majority of modern medical clinics now store client information in online databases, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. Patient files contain confidential information, meaning that the consequences of a data breach can be devastating and costly. 

In order to safeguard your patient’s personal information, your medical office needs to have cybersecurity and an insurance policy that can shield your practice if a breach occurs. In the event of a cybercrime, your medical office insurance policy can protect you from a costly liability claim. Cyber insurance is non-negotiable for medical offices.

Medical Office Insurance Protects Your Clinic

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your patients should be your primary goal, not worrying about what will happen to your clinic if disaster strikes. Comprehensive medical office insurance protects your practice, thus allowing you to focus on delivering superb medical care to your patients. It also encapsulates the unique aspects of providing healthcare—things that aren’t covered in a standard office insurance package.

The essential features of medical offices that require insurance include specialised equipment, clinic contents, potential data breaches of patient information, and more. Your comprehensive policy will also include the basics of office insurance packages, such as coverage for damage to the property and/or equipment, lawsuits from injured third-parties, forced closures, fraud, and other liability claims.

The same care that you give to your patients should be applied to getting the right insurance policy for your clinic. At Bow Valley Insurance, we help you find the best rate and coverage from leading insurance companies that will protect your clinic and keep it operational. Our insurance policies will take care of you and your clinic while you take care of your patients.

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Coverage is subject to policy wording, terms, conditions, and deductibles. Protection is limited to the perils, coverage, exclusions, and limits shown on the policy.