Watch for These Types of Drivers on the Roads

Lots of research has been done on driving habits of motorists. Learning to recognize these habits can make your journey easy and without causing you any stress. Knowing when another person is about to make a mistake can greatly decrease your chances of getting into an accident…and having your auto insurance rates go up as a result.

Types of Drivers recognizes 7 types of Annoying Drivers that just about everyone has noticed in the lane ahead of them at one point or another.

Nervous: This type of driver seems unsure of everything. Where they are going. What lane they are supposed to be in. Even the basic rules of the road. The nervous driver will go at or below the speed limit, and often make unexpected moves due to indecision.

The best way to deal with following a nervous driver is to carefully pass as soon as you are able. Do not tailgate or attempt to intimidate the driver into making a decision. This rarely results in a positive outcome.

Middle-of-the-Laners: Not the worst type of driver on the road, but certainly not the best, middle-of-the-laners pick a lane and stick with it. They obstinately carry on at their own speed in the lane of their choice regardless of the flow of traffic. Middle-of-the-laners can cause problems on the road simply because of their refusal to move with others. But for the most part the only real problem they cause is frustration to others.

Again, simply avoid this type of driver by moving around them as safely as possible…or even taking another route.

Arrogant Drivers: These operators are overconfident both in the capabilities of their vehicle and their driving. Even those that truly believe that they are safe to put the pedal to the metal and weave in and out of traffic in order to get to their destination a little bit faster because they may not have had an accident…yet…the types of accidents aggressive driver do get involved in tend to be disastrous. Or embarrassing. Come winter months, the aggressive driver is often found in the ditch.

It’s hard to avoid the aggressive driver as they are usually passing you about the same time you notice them. The best thing to do is not react in any way, pull back, and allow them to pass.

Distracted Drivers: Among the most dangerous people on the road, distracted driving is so risky that Alberta and several other provinces have legislation to deal with the issue. Never, ever drive distracted, such as by using a cell phone, GPS or other device while behind the wheel. And if you happen to notice someone else driving distracted, it is ok to report them, but of course, you must pull off the road safely to do so.

Oblivious: Slightly worse than middle-of-the-laners, oblivious drivers – whether out or fear or lack of knowledge – seem to drive with blinders on. Although they tend not to bother anyone else – unless you are stuck behind them – the oblivious can be very dangerous as their lack of understanding about their surrounds can lead to a poor response to a situation on the road.

Immortal: Recognized for their tendency to drive as fast as they can everywhere they go, the immortal believe that nothing will happen to them…just someone else. For this reason they are truly among the most hazardous on the road. Their aggressiveness can often startle others, which leads to a chain reaction. Fortunately, however, this characteristic seems to be one mainly of younger drivers, and seems to lessen over time and with experience.

Safe: There are a lot of safe, conscientious drivers on the road, and Bow Valley Insurance would like to reward you for your diligence in keeping yourself and others from harm while commuting, shopping or ferrying kids around to sporting events on busy Calgary streets. We have a number of ways you can save on your auto insurance now, and several ways to find further savings. Apply for a free car insurance quote today!