Vehicle Thefts are on the Rise: Avoid Having Your Car Stolen

Avoid Having Your Car Stolen

There are many speculations as to the reasons why, but the truth is that car thefts and break-ins have skyrocketed of late. As many as 130 cars and trucks are stolen in Calgary each week.

There are many ways to limit your exposure to both car break ins and the outright theft of your vehicle, however. A few precautions can make a very big difference.

Easy Steps You Can Take to Prevent Break Ins and Thefts

No matter what you drive, a little common sense can go a long ways towards keeping your vehicle from becoming an insurance statistic.

First, keep you car in a secured location – like a garage or parkade – if you can. Most car break-ins and thefts are crimes of opportunity. Make targeting your vehicle as difficult as possible.

But when you go to work or shopping, you more than likely have to park in an unsheltered area. Consider the following:

  • Park in a Good Spot: A well-kept lot, with good lighting, ideally attended by someone, makes your vehicle a less attractive target than a curbside spot on a darkened side street.
  • Keep All Valuables Out of Sight: You never know what may attract a criminal attempt, so keep the visible areas of your vehicle bare and unattractive to an opportunistic thief as you can manage. Even a few scattered coins cup, a garage door remote, or your old CD collection, could be enough for someone to try to gain access. Worse yet, some thieves will go “all in” and steal a vehicle they only intended to burgle.
  • Get An Alarm. . .With Window Stickers and LED Lighting: An advertised car alarm is an effective deterrent to casual thieves, and a hassle for pros.
  • What You Drive Makes a Difference: Thieves steal what is popular to drive, and also what is popular to sell for parts. And finally, what is easy to steal. In 2014, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), eight out of the top ten stolen types of vehicles in Alberta were Ford trucks. Professional car thieves go for models that are selling on the black market, easy to “part out” and easier to make off with without the keys.

Have Your Car Been Stolen? Or Towed?

If your vehicle has suddenly gone missing, consider where you parked. It may be possible that you accidentally left your car in a tow-away zone. Look around carefully for any signs that may indicate what happened to your vehicle. If you are sure you are the victim of theft, notify the police immediately, and follow these steps for filing an insurance claim.

Bow Valley Insurance

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