Travel Insurance Considerations for Vacationers

Travel Insurance Considerations for Vacationers

The summer travel season will be soon on us. It’s a smart idea to purchase a traveller’s insurance policy. Your regular Alberta health insurance does not necessarily cover you when you are out of the province, and the problems only compound with distance. Travel insurance can cover your medical expenses in the event you become ill or suffer an injury while you’re away from home, and usually also includes 24-hour travel assistance to help you find a doctor or dentist, arrange your accommodations, and get in touch with listed emergency contacts from wherever you are.

Most traveller’s insurance also covers risks such as lost luggage, expenses incurred for unforeseen difficulties such as flight cancellations, and can reimburse you for an emergency return home.

For your home

There are many things that can go wrong with your unattended home during the winter that many insurance companies have exclusions for water damage caused by freezing temperatures that can occur while you are away.

The commonly recommended strategy for dealing with the possibility of unanticipated damage to your home while you are away is to arrange for a visitor to come by and check on things for you. In fact, chances are that your homeowner’s policy requires a home visit during the regular heating season if you plan to be gone from your home for over four days.

As an additional precaution turn off the water from the supply valve and run your taps out for a few moments to drain the water from the pipes.  By turning off the water you also reduce the threat of water damage caused, such as a leaking refrigerator water and ice dispenser, or a leak from a hose failure on your washing machine. If  water supply hoses to the washing machine are made of rubber, it is a good idea to replace them with metal braided hoses.

Don’t Get Burgled

Your social media stream of  photos can tell the inappropriately curious that your home stands empty. Consider having your property alarmed and monitored by a security firm. These businesses can help you harden up your home against casual burglary and the signs you get to post are often enough incentive for a thief to move on to easier prey.

Before you leave take a thorough home inventory by taking pictures or video using your smart phone. This will greatly assist you in case you have file a claim.

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