Are Trailers Covered By Auto Insurance?

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Whether you own a holiday trailer, a leisure RV or a camper van, it is important to have the proper protection and not assume that your auto insurance will cover it., You are required to register your trailer but it is not a legal requirement to insure it. The majority of standard auto insurance policies will not cover damage to a trailer should an accident occur, unless you have an endorsement added to your policy.

What Does My Auto Insurance Cover for Trailers?

Depending on your policy, if you only had liability coverage and your trailer was hooked to the tow vehicle and an accident occurred, no damage to the trailer would be covered except for liability coverage If you held auto insurance policy with collision coverage and a trailer endorsement, both the tow vehicle and the trailer would be covered.

Why Have Trailer Insurance?

Without a trailer insurance policy or an endorsement on an auto policy, once unhooked from the tow vehicle, your trailer is not protected. For example, should it be damaged or stolen while in your driveway, your auto insurance policy would not cover it . It is possible to add trailer insurance coverage to your homeowner policy to be covered for these types of losses.

At Bow Valley Insurance, we can explore which options will work best for you for insuring your trailer. Often, we recommend purchasing a stand-alone trailer insurance policy, for  which we can find the most competitive rate and comprehensive coverage on the market.

What Is Covered With Trailer Insurance?

With a stand-alone policy, you have the option to choose between standard and comprehensive coverage.

Standard Coverage

Is a basic policy that covers against Named Perils.

Comprehensive Coverage

Protects against all risks with the exception of those listed as exclusions. Comprehensive coverage can also include features such as emergency vacation expense (if your RV or trailer was destroyed while on vacation) and extended warranties for appliances.

At Bow Valley  we will do the rate shopping and show you the price comparisons and will even find discounts that may reduce your rate. In addition, we can recommend helpful add-ons such as roadside assistance, liability, and protection of personal property to design the specialized coverage that you need.

To get a free, no-obligation trailer insurance quote with one of our knowledgeable insurance specialists, contact us today.