Top Eight Reasons to Use a Calgary Insurance Broker

Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary provides personalized insurance for you. Based on your home or business needs, your broker will determine the coverage you need and find the providers that offers what you want. By working with their personal Bow Valley Insurance broker, Calgary individuals and businesses (and clients all across Alberta) will find the best insurance coverage at the best possible price.

With access to several major insurance providers, Bow Valley Insurance works for you — not an insurance company!

1. Insurance Brokers in Calgary Connect You to the Insurance Industry

By definition, brokers sell insurance, but to be more precise, a broker provides you with a unique “in” to the insurance industry. When it comes to finding the best rates and discounts, a broker works on your behalf and searches offers by several insurance companies. This gives an insurance broker a distinct advantage over an agent who is only able to provide options from a single supplier.

2. Your Insurance Brokers Get Answers Quickly

Brokers interact with a network of people and providers on a daily basis. Knowing who to contact means they get questions answered quickly, making the process of getting insurance easier and faster.

3. Brokers Have Experience With More Products

A broker knows what products exist, as well as how to combine coverage to ensure your business and personal assets are adequately protected.

4. Brokers Know Which Products Best Meet Your Needs

Since brokers have experience with several companies and access to more products, they know which products are best suited for various occupations, specific types of businesses, and the needs of individuals.

5. Brokers Save Time and Money While Producing Better Results

By working with an insurance broker, Calgary businesses and individuals save time and money and often find better coverage at lower rates.

6. A Broker Understands the Needs of Different Types of Businesses and Occupations

Brokers add value to insurance coverage because they understand the specific risks associated with specific types of businesses and occupations. Whether you’re involved in an occupation or in business for yourself, your day-to-day activities involve particular types of risks. You can guard against these risks by working with a broker with the expertise necessary to design a customized insurance package to protect yourself or your business.

7. A Calgary Insurance Broker is Your One-Stop Contact

When you obtain a policy through an insurance agent, most companies have support centres that route calls to specific departments to answer questions, make changes, and correct problems. Separate departments handle policy changes, billing and payments, renewals, and filing claims, and the people you speak with are often miles away.

When you have a broker and a problem or question arises, rather than navigating several different departments in several different cities, all you have to do is call them!

8. Insurance Broker = Peace of Mind

Before you sign your policy, your broker will explain the protection it provides and answer any questions you have.

Bow Valley Insurance: Your Insurance Brokers

And there you have it — the top eight reasons an insurance broker is the best option when looking for insurance in Alberta. Whether you’re looking for personal, commercial, or group home and auto insurance, it’s always best to work with an insurance broker. Our professionals at Bow Valley Insurance are here to save you valuable time by shopping around for you, and will find the best policy to suit your individual or business needs. Residents and business owners alike get the best protection at the most competitive price — and we’ll even provide a free rate comparison so you can see for yourself! Please contact us if you have any questions, or request a quote for personal insurance, business insurance, or group home and auto insurance today!