Think Safety Inside Your Car

With the full brunt of yet another Albertan winter coming on, it is natural to think of the common winter driving hazards such as snow, ice, fog, and other problems such as wildlife crossing the highways. The dangers of driving aren’t always on the road!

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Don’t Become A Statistic

At this late date of public service campaigns on the television, radio, and even roadway adverts, every driver is aware that wearing seat belts is the law in Alberta. The chance of severe injury is far more likely when you are not buckled in properly, so take a moment, every single time, and make sure you and your passengers are properly buckled in. This is especially important for children riding in mandated child safety seats. Adults and teens have the experience to tell their belt isn’t fitting right, but children are depending upon you to make sure every buckle is latched correctly.

Check For Unintentional Missiles

Some folks are into order and others thrive on chaos, but the interior of your vehicle is no place for a battle between the two. Every loose object of any substance in your vehicle is a potentially injurious or lethal projectile in a collision. A five-pound laptop during a roll-over becomes a 25-pound missile – powered by the laws of physics – that could easily kill you or a passenger.

Winter is the enhanced season for these types of hazards, especially in vehicles such as vans, SUVs, crossovers, and pick-ups where a trunk is absent. A gallon of de-icer weighs eight pounds. A snow shovel, even a small one, should be tied down. If your emergency kit is not secured within your open cabin, it is a potential shotgun blast of objects ranging from jumper cables, to tire chains, to snow boots, to the lowly but suddenly dangerous ice scraper.

You owe it to yourself and your passengers to keep the interior of your vehicle cleaned out, and vital equipment secured, to avoid potential injury disasters.

Check Your Windshield Before it is a Problem

Usually, unless you have waived such coverage through an endorsement stating otherwise, damage repairs due to road hazards, up to the full replacement of your windshield, can be covered by your automobile insurance.

It is said that even the biggest of things have small beginnings, and for many a windshield, the damage is incremental until it becomes a catastrophe in its own right. Calgary, and the provincial government for that matter, heavily rely upon spreading gravel to provide traction on snowy and icy roads. A vehicle used on our region’s roads long enough will develop a pockmarked exterior layer of its windshield. Normally, this micro-pitting is not very noticeable, but in the face of certain light conditions, or with strong sunlight reflected off of glare ice, this pitting can make it next to impossible to see what lay ahead.

With the wild temperature swings we have, your automobile glass will expand and contract. Once a crack appears in your windshield, it will expand just from temperature flexing. The sooner you detect a windshield safety problem, the earlier it can be assessed, and repaired, if possible. Driving with a windshield cracked greater than 12cm, or smaller if in the line of sight, is not only unsafe, it is illegal under provincial law.

Repairing your windshield, where and when it can be done, is not only a solid safety measure, it also helps to keep premiums lower from reduced accident risk and replacement expense.

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