• Vehicle Insurance Tips: Driving Through Calgary Playground and School Zones

    At Bow Valley Insurance our experienced brokers work to get Calgarians lower vehicle insurance and the very best coverage combined. We work with fifteen major insurers to offer customized protection for your personal or commercial needs. Time Change A big change to signage for school and playground zones around Calgary was implemented on Sept. 1, 2014. The

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  • Keeping Your Passengers Under Control: Children, Pets and Your Calgary Car Insurance

    Car Seat Regulations in Alberta

    At Bow Valley Insurance in Calgary we can never stress enough that one of the greatest dangers to Canadian drivers is by distractions. According to provincial statistics, it is estimated that between one-fifth to nearly one-third of all vehicular accidents in Alberta stem from some sort of distraction diverting the driver’s attention from the road. One of the

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  • Driving and Getting Older…What to Watch For

    Over the course of our lives, some of our most powerfully remembered moments, of a first date, a first kiss, or a mad dash to the hospital for the birth of a child, are inextricably linked to our vehicles. Bow Valley Insurance has been helping to insure all of your car-related adventures since 1980. For drivers with a

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