• Can an Insurance Company Cancel Your Auto Insurance?

    Insurance agent reviewing policy in front of a car

    When an individual purchases an auto insurance policy, it is a contract in which both parties need to agree to specific terms in order for the policy to remain valid. If these requirements are not met, a driver can be faced with their insurance company cancelling their policy. Below, we will discuss under what circumstances

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  • Are Trailers Covered By Auto Insurance?

    Trailer with wooden bed

    Get the trailer insurance you need, at great rates, with claims service you can count on. It’s easier than you may think. Whether you own a holiday trailer, a leisure RV or a camper van, it is important to have the proper protection and not assume that your auto insurance will cover it., You are

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  • Why Do You Have to Have Auto Insurance?

    Person reviewing documents in front of a car

    Having car insurance is a legal requirement, and with proper coverage, drivers are financially protected in the event of an accident. Auto insurance is essential as it provides coverage for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and their property should a collision cause injuries or damage to a vehicle. In the article below, we will look at what

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