Surviving Calgary Construction Zones the Summer

Surviving Calgary Construction Zones the Summer

Summertime in Alberta is road construction season, which results in detours, traffic jams and frustrating situations for drivers. As a result of this clash between the need to repair roads and bridges, and the desire to get places on time, the Alberta Government has estimated that 46 percent of drivers are estimated to speed through construction zones. This action leads to hefty fines (up to $949) and a ticket we recommend you avoid, and a mandatory court appearance if you reach 50kmh or more over the limit. Even when a construction or maintenance zone is all set up and no one appears to be working, there is still no excuse for speeding.

Recently, the Traffic Safety Act of Alberta governing these zones has been expanded to include the presence of tow truck workers, ambulance personnel, and others who can find themselves working adjacent to the roadside. Since you can never tell what exactly the current situation of a construction or maintenance zone is, the safe position you should take as a solid defensive driver is to pay attention to the signage and slow down appropriately.

The easiest way to avoid infractions in a construction or maintenance zone is to avoid them altogether. In the Calgary, the process for planning your route around construction areas is simple. Contact 311, or go to for the details of your route.

Speed Kills… Your Low Premium Rates Too

Speeding is a very bad habit that takes its toll in lives ruined or lost, and results in entanglement with law enforcement and the accumulation of points against the licences of offenders.

As the independent brokers of the auto insurance policies from as many as fifteen nationally renowned insurers, we offer information that can help you keep your auto insurance premium rates as low as possible. Central to this strategy is to control those variables that go into calculating your premium as much as you can. While your age, the rate of car theft where you live, or your occupation, are largely immutable over the span of an insurance contract, what you drive, how often—and most importantly—how safe you are behind the wheel are almost completely within your ability to positively influence.

Staying Safe and Sane While Driving in Construction Zones

The expansive distances that we drive in Alberta, for work or leisure, are an enticement to many to speed through construction zones. However, if you do the math, you’ll find that nudging that throttle for an extra 10-15 kmh over the limit is only going to save you a handful of minutes at the end of your journey. The calculation you should be making is whether that time is worth the substantial amount of money you stand to lose should you be caught speeding in the construction zone.

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