Safety and Insurance Tips for Your Cabin or Cottage

People at a CottageThe summer is here and  many families will head to their seasonal homes. Whether you own a cabin in the woods, a lakeside cottage, or a resort condominium at a golf course, a regular assessment of your insurance coverage is just as essential for your getaway spot as it is for your regular home.

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Be Diligent About Safety Even on Holiday

As you may know, one of the best ways to keep your insurance premiums affordable is to limit your claims history. Before going on holiday, the last thing anyone wants to do is go over worst case scenarios, but taking the time to go through both the similarities and differences between your primary home and vacation home is prudent.

If your cabin is well out of the way, be aware that it is likely your hideaway may be far from emergency services. You need to be more conscious of fire safety, more self-reliant on first aid capabilities, and if by a lake, pond or river, be aware of water-related dangers too.

It is important to be as familiar with your cabin or cottage, and its surrounds, as you are with your everyday property. Do you know where the electrical panel is? If you have a permanent propane tank on the site for heating water or cooking, do you know how to shut it off? If you rely on a wood stove for heat do you also know the last time the chimney was cleaned? Do you have a fire escape plan for your home?

Just as with your home, your Alberta cabin property should have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms in every sleeping area. As rural power can be more easily knocked out by storms or tree falls, your detectors should be battery powered. And do you also have some working flashlights in the event of a power failure? It’s also wise to have a large fire extinguisher on hand.

If your property has a septic tank and a well, ensure the holding tank is regularly checked by a maintenance service and your well water tested for safety at the same time.

Another fun feature of vacationing is getting out on recreational vehicles like ATVs, sea-doos and boats. Your cabin insurance coverage could be extended to also cover these items as well.

Finally, property theft is a reality everywhere. Just as you should maintain a detailed home inventory of all of the possessions of your home, you should create a similar list for the things you either permanently store at your vacation home or regularly bring with you for use on holiday.

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