Protecting Your Loved Ones: Family-Specific Insurance Options

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Insurance is not only meant for the policy-holder. It’s also meant to protect family and loved ones from the financial downfalls that can come with unexpected life happenings. At Bow Valley Insurance, we ensure that you and your loved ones are covered against the unforeseen.

Life Insurance and Estate Planning 

There is no substitute for life insurance when it comes to protecting your family’s financial future. We always highly recommend some form of life insurance policy. As you try to determine the best coverage for you, get acquainted with the differences between term, whole, and universal life insurance policies. Throughout your life, any one of the three policy types might make the most sense for you at the time, so ask Bow Valley Insurance’s friendly staff about which one fits your circumstances.

Life insurance can either be the cornerstone of a sound estate plan or become a bone of contention between your survivors and your creditors. Make a Will or a Trust that lists all of your assets and liabilities in a comprehensive and clear manner, and don’t forget to will your personal effects to chosen loved ones. Be sure to make copies to keep with your important documents.

Family Protection Coverage

This endorsement applies to your auto insurance, and covers the possible financial disparity between your liability insurance limits and those of the party at in the event of an accident. Some form of this coverage is already built into your current automobile insurance. However, if you have a lot to lose financially in the event of your debilitating injury or death, you may want to increase the policy limit amounts of your own insurance.

Critical Illness Coverage

As one struggles to overcome the affects of a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or other serious medical condition, the last thing one needs to worry about is loss of income due to being out of work. Think of critical illness coverage as a hedge against all of those unanticipated financial commitments that follow from a medical situation that changes the future lifestyle. Typically available in amounts ranging from $50,000 to $500,000, such insurance could make a big difference to your family.

Bow Valley: Your Insurance Company Keeps You Prepared

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