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Whether you are a brand new or experienced driver, there are some fundamentals that you should know about vehicle insurance and the types of coverage available so that you can get the best coverage for your budget and needs.

In the province of Alberta, every driver is required to have mandatory personal liability and property damage (PLPD) insurance, which is usually referred to as third-party liability insurance. By law, Albertans need to have a minimum of $200,000 of coverage and accident benefits. Accident benefits are what cover the occupants of a vehicle in the event of injury or death and include rehabilitation costs, income replacement, funeral expenses and death benefits. Accident benefits cover occupants regardless of who is at fault and include ‘Uninsured Motorist’ coverage which will protect you if you happen to have an accident with an uninsured driver.

What Are the Different Types of Vehicle Insurance?

There are also different types of insurance coverage and policy limits which can be designed to create the coverage that suits your unique requirements. Knowing what is available is the first step in beginning your search for the best coverage that meets your budget and Bow Valley Insurance can do the shopping for you to get the best rate and the most comprehensive coverage available

Collision Coverage

Covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle in the event that damage occurs as a result of an accident with another vehicle or object. Collision coverage will pay for repairs and damage, regardless of whether or not you were at fault for causing the accident.

Comprehensive Insurance

This insurance will cover any damages to your vehicle that was not a result of a collision, such as theft, vandalism, fire, hail etc.. As the name suggests, comprehensive insurance coverage provides the highest degree of physical damage coverage to an auto other than damage by collision.

Specified Perils

Although not as detailed as comprehensive insurance coverage, specified perils insurance will provide coverage to the perils that you choose to select for your personal policy, which is not a result of a collision. Options can include fire, vandalism or theft, however, if damage is caused to your vehicle that has not been specified in your policy, it will not be covered.

Let the professionals at Bow Valley Insurance explain the various coverages and options available to you and shop for the best rate for you. We have been finding the perfect coverage for individuals like yourself, since 1979. Our team works with leading insurance companies to get you the best coverage at the lowest possible rates, and we will show you detailed rate comparisons.

Whether your vehicle is your personal car, vintage collectible, boat or ATV, you need the proper insurance for peace of mind before you drive.

Cars, Vans, and Trucks

This category includes any motor vehicle that is used for pleasure or business as well as commuting to and from work.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles can be a van, trailer, pickup truck or a heavy vehicle that is used to carry goods for use, distribution or delivery.

Antique Vehicles

The age of the vehicle determines if it is classified as an Antique vehicle. Antique vehicles are not used for regular transportation but more for leisure driving and display at antique car shows.

Farm Vehicles

This category is for vehicles that are used for farm work by individuals in the agricultural industry and are used on their land, not to commute or for personal trips.


This category includes all terrain vehicles designed for transportation over land and water but not licensed for road use.


Motorcycles, dirt bikes and mini bikes that have a seat for the driver and designed to operate with a maximum of three wheels on the ground.


Motor assisted bicycles that travel under 50 kilometers per hour and weigh less than 55 kilograms.


Vehicles that are used to transport people on public highways and roads, including sightseeing excursions, transporting students to school or employees to work.

That’s not all. If you have a snow vehicle, fleet of cars or even own an auto garage, contact us for your insurance needs. We can advise you about discounts that can apply to your situation that may reduce costs and explain the different coverage options available.

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