Prevent Overheating! Summer Safety for Calgary Auto Insurance Owners

Heat presents a number of risks to your vehicle, and to the people inside it. Engine overheating is a common problem during the summer months, due to the increased ambient temperature and the added strain that hot weather puts on all of the systems in your vehicle. Air-conditioning is useful during the summer months, but can also be taxing on your engine.

Overheating causes all kinds of problems for your engine, and can lead to pricey repairs. Even without further damage, an overheated engine could leave you stranded on the side of the road on a hot day. Is your car ready to handle the heat? Your Calgary auto insurance experts at Bow Valley are here to help you by providing the following safety tips.

Tips to Avoid Engine Overheating

Preventive maintenance is an important part of preparing your vehicle for scorching summer days. Make the effort to take care of maintenance tasks in the short term, and you’ll help yourself avoid major headaches in the long run.

  • Hot weather puts added stress on your car battery, just like very cold weather, and the stress caused by extreme temperatures increases as your battery ages. If you aren’t sure how recently you’ve had your battery replaced, your mechanic can check it for you. A battery in good, working condition plays a key role in keeping your engine from overheating.
  • Make sure that your radiator is filled to the correct level with coolant, and that the coolant is fresh. The coolant in your radiator is hot and under pressure when the motor is running, so be sure to have it checked by a professional if you are not familiar with the system.
  • Your mechanic should also examine your vehicle’s cooling system and radiator before the summer season to check for damage. Your engine is built to withstand the added stress of air-conditioning use in the summer when your cooling system is working properly. Damage reduces the efficiency of your cooling system, which increases engine stress dramatically.
  • Even your tires play a part. Check that they are properly inflated, and in good condition. Damaged or deflated tires put more stress on your engine, which increases the risk of overheating.
  • Keep an extra bottle of coolant and a jug of water in your vehicle at all times. You wouldn’t leave home without Calgary auto insurance, and you shouldn’t leave home without the right safety requirements, either.
  • If you think your vehicle is in danger of overheating, pull over as soon as is safely possible and turn off your air-conditioning. Allow your engine to cool down, and call for help if needed. The sooner you recognize that your engine is overheating, the more likely you are to avoid serious engine damage.

Tips for Passenger Safety on Hot Days

Extreme heat creates health risks for all occupants of your vehicle, especially senior citizens, children, and pets. The temperature inside your vehicle can rise from comfortably cool to dangerously hot in a matter of minutes during the summer, quickly reaching unhealthy or even fatal levels for occupants. Keeping your passengers safe starts with awareness.

  • Never leave pets or children in a parked vehicle, no matter how quickly you intend to come back. Even if you leave the air-conditioning on, a child may accidentally turn it off and quickly create a dangerous situation.
  • Teach your children that vehicles are not safe places to play, and always keep your keys out of reach. Children like to explore, and can unwittingly get themselves stuck in a hot vehicle if they find a way get inside.
  • If you see a child or pet stuck in a hot vehicle, call for help immediately.

Whether it’s in the interior of your vehicle or under the hood, heat is always a potential danger. The good news is that you can minimize that danger by taking the right actions. Safety consciousness allows you to travel with confidence, just like your Calgary auto insurance.

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