Planning a Vacation? Follow This Checklist Before You Leave

Planning a Vacation? Follow This Checklist Before You Leave

Taking a vacation is a fantastic way to get away from the daily stressors of life and take some time to relax and unwind. Whether you are flying to another continent, going camping in one of Canada’s stunning provincial parks or just taking a weekend road trip, you want to make sure that your return home is stress-free. After you have finished packing your bags, make sure to follow this checklist to ensure that you don’t end your vacation with an unpleasant surprise.

Neighbourly Help

Even if you are just leaving for a few days, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Get them to take your mail out of the mailbox (an overflowing mailbox with a week’s worth of newspapers is a clear sign to anyone passing by that you are away) shovel sidewalks or mow the lawn.  Ask your neighbor to keep their eye out for unexpected visitors and contact the authorities to report any suspicious behavior.

It is also important to have someone that you trust to check inside your home every couple of days. This will ensure that if any damage has occurred inside your home (like a burst pipe) that they can take action before it becomes a serious issue.

Turn Off The Water

Turning off your water supply could save you thousands of dollars in potential damage. No one wants to come home from vacation to find a burst pipe flooding their home. Before you leave, shut off your main water valve and drain your pipes by opening the most lowest faucet in the house.

Rainwater can also be problematic if your sump pump fails while you are away. This can happen if a major storm occurs which could cause your basement to flood. If you have a sump pump ensure that it is working properly before you leave, by pouring a bucket of water in it. If in good working order, the pump will automatically turn on once the pit fills with water.

Leave the Power On

Keep your power on so that you can set timers on your lights to make it look like someone is home during the evenings. Also, do not shut off the furnace or your air-conditioner. In the summer, excessive heat could cause your flooring to expand and buckle while shutting off your furnace in the winter could cause your pipes to freeze and burst.

Lock Up

While it may just seem like common sense, make sure that you properly lock up before you leave. This means checking all points of entry such as doors, windows, your garage, side or rear gates and backyard shed or pool house. After you have double checked that everything is locked, don’t leave a spare key outside. Criminals will check all the ‘secret’ spots for your key, such as under the rock on your porch, inside your mailbox, above the door frame, in flower pots and plenty of other ‘hidden areas’.

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