Pets on Wheels: 8 Tips for Driving With Your Furry Friend

Dog looking out car window

You might have a dog who is completely excited when you ask them if they want to go for a ride.  Or it may be a cat who’s terrified of moving vehicles.  Either way, if you have a pet, at some point in time, you’ll probably need to transport them in your vehicle.  Here are 8 helpful tips for driving safely with your pets.

Don’t Leave Your Pet in The Car

Extremely hot or cold weather can kill a pet that’s left in a non-moving vehicle.  In some jurisdictions it’s a criminal offence and passersby have the right to break your window and extract a pet in distress.  Avoid the situation entirely by never leaving your pet in a vehicle alone.

Keep the Windows Up

A lot of dogs love hanging their face and tongue out of the window of a moving car.  However, no matter how enjoyable it is for your pet, the last thing you’d want is for them to jump out the window while you’re moving.  Keep the windows rolled up enough that their head can’t fit through the opening.

Make Some Practice Runs

If you have a long distance trip coming up, acclimatize your pet by doing some shorter distance practice runs.  A long journey without warning can be severely disorienting for a pet, so some shorter distance warmups should be considered.

Know the Law

In some jurisdictions, it’s illegal to have a pet freely roaming your vehicle while you’re moving.  Know the laws of the areas you travel and if necessary, contain your pet appropriately.

Get a Pet Seatbelt

Pet seat belts come in a variety of styles ranging from full harnesses to leashes that allow them to wander about while still remaining secure.  Consider getting your pet a seatbelt so everyone is safe in the event of an accident.

Invest in a Carrier

We’ve all seen pleas from friends on Facebook looking to borrow a pet carrier for an emergency trip to the vet.  Don’t be that friend or pet owner and make sure you have your own pet carrier ready to go when it’s needed.

Give Your Pet the Back of the Vehicle

If you have a large enough vehicle, consider creating a space specifically for your pet and install a barrier.  A contraption such as this will give your pet its own dedicated space in the back of the vehicle while allowing you to drive unhindered.

Pet Insurance

Investing in a pet health insurance policy can help cover costs associated with vet bills, medication, tests as well as dental coverage. It can help give you peace of mind for keeping your pet safe at home and in your vehicle. Please click here to get a quote on pet insurance.