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Collector Vehicle Insurance

There’s only one way to rev up the engine like it’s the golden age in the ‘50’s or the retro ‘80’s: with a classic car. For the true car enthusiast, there’s nothing like a piece of fine vintage machinery or inheriting one in your family. Collector vehicles are one of the crowning jewels of any prized and highly valuable collection.

Unlike the cars on the road today that are valued for their high-tech features, classic cars and antique trucks are rare to find and highly sought after for their vintage value. That doesn’t mean you can’t take yours out for a spin once in a while and when you do so, you want to ensure that your collectible is adequately insured.

What is collector car insurance?

When insuring vintage or classic cars, unlike your typical auto insurance, more underwriting information is required like:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Make and Model
  • Appraised or estimated value
  • Place of storage
  • How often driven
  • Annual kilometers driven
  • Several pictures

Collector car insurance is a specially designed policy for insuring vintage cars and trucks stowed away in the garage and routinely taken out for maintenance or to drive down to the local car show or occasion drive in the city or the country.

Our insurance advisors work with reputable insurance providers to provide the right protection for these cars, both while they’re in storage or on the road delighting viewers with a bit of history at local car shows or on the roads.

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Auto Insurance vs. Collector Vehicle Insurance

Qualifying for classic car insurance means treating your collectible like the true classic that it is. That means it’s not suited for every day driving to work, errands, and cross-country road trips — that’s what standard auto insurance is for. The key difference is in usage or how, where and how often you drive your classic car. We understand that precious classics are driven sparingly and we can save you a substantial amount on your annual premium.

Do I drive a vintage? Qualifying for Collector Vehicle Insurance

Not all old cars are automatically considered vintage. A true classic ride is often a once-popular and now a rare find, with a bold design that’s characteristic of its era. Think iconic 69 Camro, 70 Plymouth Road Runner, 65 Ford Mustang, 75 Corvettes etc.

If you think you’re driving a classic car or there’s one sitting in your garage that’s a family heirloom, check these general criteria to see if it qualifies as vintage for collector vehicle insurance:

  • 20 years old: our insurance advisors are happy to take a look and recommend policies for cars that are at least twenty years old. This is the age at which a surviving vehicle is considered a classic; in other cases, younger, limited-edition vehicles released by high-end manufacturers may qualify.
  • Not for everyday driving: you’ll want to preserve the value of a classic, and that means keeping it stored safely, rather than driving it around town as you would a modern car. In terms of car collector insurance, the common benchmark is the annual mileage driven.

Ask Our Insurance Advisors

Our experienced insurance advisors at Bow Valley Insurance share your passion for classic cars. That’s why we work with niche insurance providers who offer the right protection for these vintage machines at great rates and a claims service you can count on.

Preserve the value of your classic car in 3 easy steps:

  1. Show us the pictures your classic car: our insurance advisors are happy to discuss your vintage car and determine the best insurance company to insure with.
  2. Find out about your options: choose from a range of collector vehicle insurance policies that our insurance advisors will present from leading providers in the market. Get the best rates and value for your money through friendly policy terms, discounts, and generous coverage options.
  3. Sign up: drive away feeling confident in the comprehensive protection from a specially crafted classic car insurance policy. Trust our insurance advisors to periodically review your coverage to ensure your insurance needs as far as rates, coverage, limits, deductibles, optional coverages are met.

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