Pedestrian Awareness Means Safer Roads and Lower Car Insurance

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Watching Out for Those on Foot

Especially when making your way around downtown, it pays to become more attentive when driving. You’re busy trying to find a certain building, hunting for elusive parking, and dealing with other impatient drivers. So, if you miss a turn or accidentally pass a parking spot, simply circle the block and try again. Always provide yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going, be patient, and remember that others are just as occupied as you are.

These days, as well, there’s another added potential danger for drivers. Pedestrians are more distracted than ever, whether by their hand-held devices or just the rapid pace of everyday life. Drivers these days must be extra vigilant in watching out for those on foot that may not be paying attention.

Over 400 people were injured in vehicle and pedestrian accidents last year.

You can see exactly where these incidences happened, plus many more that occurred between the years of 1996 and 2012, on the Pedestrian Accident map provided by the City of Calgary.

Most of these collisions take place downtown, where congestion is highest and people the most numerous. And for the most part, the leading cause of motorist versus pedestrian collisions is distraction. Whether you are on foot or behind the wheel, becoming unfocused can be deadly.

Tips For Pedestrians

The best tip for the pedestrian is to be considerate. Do not jaywalk, and try to make your intentions known to drivers. Make eye contact (if you can) with an oncoming driver before attempting to cross at an uncontrolled intersection, and always wait for a vehicle to come to a complete stop before moving ahead.

As well, when walking on a sidewalk – it’s advisable to unplug your headphones and put your cellphone or tablet away. Obstructing your hearing when walking near traffic is very dangerous.

Pedestrians would be wise to adopt the same mentality that good motorcyclists share—to presume the worst about the skills of others. Be extra defensive as a strategy, and one that smart pedestrians should adopt.

If you are a careful driver, you are likely a courteous pedestrian as well. Good drivers can take advantage of great rates through our ability to shop and compare car insurance coverages for you at Bow Valley Insurance.