New Calgary Auto Insurance: Safety Inspections For Older and Out-of-Province Cars

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An older car can be a great choice for a beginner driver or someone who rarely has to get behind the wheel, but those considering purchasing a vehicle 12 years or older should be aware that a number of insurance companies require a safety inspection before it can insured. As well, a person moving to Alberta with their vehicle(s) registered in another jurisdiction must have their vehicle inspected by a certified inspection centre within three months of moving to Alberta – no matter how old the vehicle is – in order to insure it.

What Will They Inspect?

The technician will go through the vehicle inspection report approved by the Alberta Government and will check to mention a few items – fuel and exhaust systems, engine controls, steering, suspension, brakes, lamps, headlights, tires, glass, wipers, defrosters etc. To pass the inspection, everything must perform within manufacturer standards and not be overly worn or deteriorated.

If your vehicle should fail and depending on the circumstances, you will  have several days from the day of your inspection to have your vehicle repaired. You should be provided a list of required repairs from your technician, and if you meet the deadline in having those performed then you will only have to provide verification of their completion to qualify for your inspection certificate.

If your technician has recommended a number of repairs that will be costly, you may want to take your car to another inspection technician for a different quote before proceeding.

On average a vehicle inspection should not take more than two hours, so you can expect to pay about two hours worth of labour to the technician.

When vehicle passes the inspection you will be issued an inspection certificate, with which  you should have no problem obtaining your Alberta auto insurance and registration. 

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