Many People Can Qualify for a Car Insurance Discount

Many People Can Qualify for a Car Insurance Discount

There are several factors to be considered when choosing between Company X and Company Y for your car insurance in Calgary. You can ask your provider about any new offers or deductions you may qualify for whenever you like, but renewal time – when insurance is front of mind – is the most common. As independent insurance brokers, we are able to find and compare several different policies to find the best one for you, and that fits in your lifestyle.

Discounts Commonly Available For Experienced Drivers

  • Bundled Policy Discount — Bundling multiple policies with one company is one of the most common, and effective, ways to save on your premiums.
  • Loyalty Discount — Staying with the same company for several years could qualify you for a loyalty discount or other contractual benefits.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discounts — Often companies will offer a discount to those who are insuring more than one vehicle.
  • Safe Driver Discount — By demonstrating safe driving habits over a long period of time, your driving record is always taken into account when the premium is calculated. If your record is free of accidents and citations for over six years or more, most insurance companies will reward you with a discount.
  • Mature Discount — Older drivers are generally more cautious, and tend to avoid driving when conditions aren’t ideal, meaning they are less likely to be in an accident.

Discounts Available To Just About Anyone

  • Driver Education Discount — The typical cost of a driver education course will more than pay for itself in reduced premiums, especially for newly licensed drivers.
  • Occupational Discounts —Certain occupations can often qualify for discounts.
  • Type of Vehicle  –The safety record of your chosen vehicle can affect the premium ratesfor physical damage and theft coverage.

The Best Way to Low Insurance Rates

Remember that the best way to low car insurance rates is to keep you claims-made history as low as possible. And there are many more ways that you can drive down your premiums as well!

At Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary we use the power of market competition to save you as much money as we can on car insurance premiums. We independently broker the policies of as many as several nationally recognized insurers to get you the best deal for your car insurance. Try a fast, free car insurance quote now.