Lower Rates for Your Motorcycle Insurance

Country roadsLike everywhere else in Canada, summer is driving season in Alberta. We are truly blessed to be able to enjoy some of the finest driving scenery available in North America. Whether touring Jasper National Park, or taking in the view at Lake Louise, or cruising through Banff National Park, there is only one thing that can improve the driving experience for some of us — riding those winding routes on a motorcycle.

At Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary, we serve as an independent broker for insurance policies from leading national companies. Because we do the comparison-shopping for you, we help you save on your insurance premiums.

Motorcycle Insurance Basics

Like any other type of motor vehicle insurance, there are several factors that you can control to ensure that your motorcycle premiums are as low as possible given your particular circumstances.

Foremost is your general driving record and claims history. When determining the premium, the insurance companies will consider the age of the rider, the engine size, experience as rider, how long licensed to ride a bike, how many traffic tickets, accident-free as a  driver in a car etc. Riders with more favourable driving record will enjoy reduced premiums.

You need a Class 6 licence to be fully endorsed to operate motorcycles and mopeds. Before trying for your licence it’s recommended you take a motorcycle safety course and gain hands-on knowledge of safe operation habits. And those who take an approved course may qualify for a discount on their insurance.

As well, the motorcycle you select also has a good deal of bearing on what your premium will be. A 650cc single cylinder commuter bike will be viewed in quite a different manner  by an insurer compared to  a new four-cylinder 1000cc sport bike. However often new bikes come with safety innovations such as traction control, anti-lock braking systems, or electronically adjustable suspensions, all of which make some of the newest motorcycles the safest on the road.

In the same vein, motorcycles are relatively easy to steal and are quick to disassemble and part out for sale. Motorcycles also have a lower theft recovery rate than cars. The installation of an alarm system or immobilizer is a smart idea, and you should always store you bike in a safe secure place throughout the year.

Be Safe on Two Wheels

Safe motorcycle operation requires the rider to be fully focused. It’s easy for a motorbike to get lost in the blind spot of a car. Motorcycles can also easily lose traction due to gravel and debris. Never operate a motorcycle while tired, impaired or distracted.

To sort through how to obtain the best motorcycle insurance rates and excellent coverage combined, contact an experienced Bow Valley Insurance broker for a free motorcycle coverage quote today.