Keep Your Car Running Smoothly and Your Auto Insurance Low!

Your vehicle is a financial asset. For most of us, our car is our second largest investment after buying a home or condo. These days automobiles manufacturers recommend that you maintain the vehicle as per owners manual to avoid in some cases complications with the coverage on the warranty.

Keeping Your Warranty Valid

Your owner’s manual contains a wealth of information. Always consult your manual to ensure any tasks you complete yourself won’t void your warranty and for specific information about the care of your vehicle.

The following are general preventive maintenance tasks that will keep your car  roadworthy for many years to come:

  • Checking and Changing Your Oil on a Regular Basis: Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and checking its level only takes a few minutes. Every few weeks when  you stop for fuel, check your oil. Keeping enough oil in your engine and changing your oil on a regular basis increases engine performance and helps your engine last longer. Check your owner’s manual to find out how often your vehicle’s oil should be changed.
  • Tune-ups: While minor tune-ups are adjustments that increase fuel efficiency, major tune-ups often include replacement of parts. Check your owner’s manual to find out how often your vehicle needs a tune-up.
  • Replacing Worn Brake Pads: Brake pads consist of a special material that goes between the metal caliper and rotor whenever you apply the brakes. Once brake pads are worn, bare metal rubs on the rotor and causes damage, increasing the likelihood for a more expensive repair. Driving with worn pads also increases the probability of an accident.
  • Changing the Air Filter: Your air filter ensures a steady stream of clean air reaches your cylinders for maximum fuel-burning efficiency and engine life. Your owner’s manual will indicate how often your air filter should be replaced.
  • Replacing Worn Shock Absorbers: Driving with worn shock absorbers puts additional stress on your suspension, causing it to wear out faster. In the cold climate of Alberta,  roads have more potholes and shock absorbers tend to wear out quickly. If you don’t have the skills to check them yourself, have your shocks inspected by a professional and replace them as soon as they show signs of wear.
  • Keeping a Maintenance Schedule: Each time you complete a maintenance task, record it on a log which is normally included in the owners manual. This not only keeps the information organized for easy reference, you can provide it if should decide to sell or trade-in your vehicle.

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