Is My Windshield Covered by My Auto Insurance? Car Insurance Calgary

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During the winter months in Alberta, to provide traction and prevent accidents when the temperature falls below -5 degrees the City of Calgary and other municipalities apply a mixture of 97 per cent gravel and three per cent salt to our roads. Tons of this mixture is applied annually and unfortunately, windshield dings and cracks are common across the province. At Bow Valley Insurance we are often asked if windshield damage is covered by car insurance, and so here we set out to explain your insurance’s relationship to your windshield, common windshield problems and when repairing a windshield is recommended.

Is My Windshield Covered by My Insurance?

Coverage for windshield replacement (sometimes referred to as glass coverage) is not mandated. Insurance companies spend billions each year paying out windshield claims, and so to achieve savings, some drivers decide to forego this coverage by authorizing a 13D Endorsement.

While generally not available for travel trailers and recreational vehicles, a 13D Endorsement is available for most passenger vehicles.

  • Front windshield – A 13D Endorsement means that damage caused by vandalism or road hazards (such as gravel) will not be covered. However, if you’re involved in an accident that damages your windshield, the collision side of your coverage should ensure its replacement.

Those interested in the savings this optional endorsement can provide should discuss their thoughts with their Calgary car insurance brokers.

Car Insurance Calgary: Common Windshield Problems

When gravel causes damage to your windshield, the vibration of your vehicle and changes in temperature and moisture in the air can quickly cause small dings and dents to turn into large cracks that decrease your visibility. Drivers should know that operating a vehicle with a severely damaged windshield in Alberta could result in a fine.

You risk a traffic fine when your windshield has:

  • Cracks that extend through both layers of glass
  • Extensive pits, scratches or cracks that obstruct your view
  • Cracks within the path of your windshield wipers that are more than 12 millimetres long

Calgary Car Insurance Brokers: When Can My Windshield Be Repaired?

Most minor damage is easily repaired at your dealership or a glass repair shop with a special tool that injects resin and applies pressure to your windshield until the resin dries. Technicians can repair star-shaped dings and dents, those shaped like a bulls-eye, and even short cracks. Since the resin dries quickly, minor windshield repairs can often be done while you wait.

By repairing minor damage as soon as it occurs, you can often avoid replacing your windshield.

Insurance Brokers Calgary: When a Windshield Should Be Replaced

Even the force of an airbag opening during a minor collision can cause a damaged windshield to shatter. In some vehicles, as well, the windshield provides up to 50 per cent of the structural support in a rollover. Due to the integral part they play in your vehicle’s overall safety, technicians recommend immediate replacement of a windshield if it has chips or cracks longer than 15 centimetres. 

Insurance Brokers Calgary: Bow Valley Insurance Specialists

With the 13D endorsement, Calgary drivers may realize a discount on their car insurance, but will also be required to pay out of their own pocket should damage occur to your windshield. Consider this endorsement carefully, and discuss your needs with the brokers at Bow Valley Insurance. We’re your car insurance specialists. We’ll take the time to review your specific circumstances and help you determine if a 13D Endorsement is right for you. Please request a free online Car Insurance Quote today.