Hybrid Vehicle Insurance Discounts

Lots of our clients at Bow Valley Insurance are turning to eco-friendly vehicles for their reliability and, yes, low operating costs. We encourage drivers to choose safe and responsible vehicles, and are pleased to be able to provide discounted insurance for drivers who purchase a hybrid.

If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can receive a discount on the cost of your total car insurance premium.

Vehicle insurance rates are based on a number of variables such as deductible amounts, driving records, how often a vehicle is used, and whether it is used for personal or business purposes. The make and model of your automobile are also factors that are considered, and by selecting a hybrid you will receive extra discounts on rates on auto insurance.

The Ticket Price of a Hybrid Vehicle

While hybrids are appealing due to their efficiency and monthly savings in fuel bills, many of those looking for a hybrid vehicle to purchase are discouraged by their more expensive ticket price. However, the regular (preventative) maintenance costs of a hybrid are not much more than a traditional gas-powered vehicle, and when you take into account that the manufacturers of hybrid vehicles often offer a warranty extending well beyond a basic warranty, these vehicles are well worth considering. When well cared for, hybrids can actually be less expensive to own than traditional vehicles.

Maintenance of a Hybrid Vehicle

If you take good care of your hybrid, the overall maintenance costs will likely be lower than those of a traditional vehicle for the following reasons:

  • The motor of a hybrid has fewer moving parts than the motor of a traditional vehicle, therefore resulting in less wear.
  • Regenerative braking means a significant reduction of stress on brake parts.
  • The braking system on a hybrid usually lasts significantly longer than those of traditional vehicles.
  • Batteries, electronic parts, and motors in hybrid vehicles require little or no regular maintenance.
  • If you’re a do-it-yourself mechanic, there are fewer fluids to change and monitor in a hybrid.

Hybrid Vehicle Insurance From Bow Valley Insurance

If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, you’ll receive a discount on the cost of your total premium. Please contact us today if you have any questions about insuring your vehicle or would like to request a free online car insurance quote. Our brokers have access to multiple insurance providers, and we can shop around for you to find the best rates on any type of insurance.