How to Teach Your Teen To Drive Responsibly

Before taking to the road on their own, all new drivers (no matter their age) must complete the Alberta’s Graduated Drivers License program. By far the largest proportion of those are teens. Across North America, about four million teen drivers take to the road annually. Then, it’s Calgary auto insurance time. Calgary drivers who are parents rely on Bow Valley Insurance to make sure their teens have excellent coverage at great rates.

Our insurance brokers at Bow Valley Insurance are often asked how to insure teen drivers properly. Here we discuss the addition of a teen driver to your Calgary car insurance, the two-phase Graduated Drivers License program, tips on insuring your teen driver, and provide advice that will help you keep the newest driver of the family safe.

Alberta Graduated Drivers License Program

The Graduated Drivers License program is designed to ensure that when new drivers become fully licensed Class 5 drivers, they understand the rules of the road and have gained sufficient experience to negotiate the road safely.

  • Phase One: To obtain a Learner’s Permit (Class 7), drivers must be 14 years-of-age, pass an exam, and have the consent of their parents (when under 18). A fully licensed driver must accompany them in the passenger seat. Learners cannot drive between midnight and 5 am, cannot consume alcohol, and are suspended at eight demerits.
  • Phase Two: Probationary Drivers (Class 5-GDL) must be 16 years-of-age, hold a Class 7 for at least one year, and pass the Basic Class 5 Road Test. They are suspended at eight demerits and cannot be an accompanying driver for a driver in Phase One. All new drivers must spend two years at this level.

To become fully licensed at the Class 5 level, drivers must remain suspension-free for two years and pass the Advanced Road Test.

How Do I Insure My Teen Driver at Great Rates?

The following suggestions will keep your Calgary car insurance rates low when you add a teen driver to your policy:

  • Have your teen drive the family car: Allow teens to gain experience before making them a primary driver on your Calgary auto insurance policy
  • Choose a high deductible: The higher the deductible, the lower your premiums
  • Discounts for driving courses: Discounts are often available when teens complete approved driving courses, but check with your Calgary insurance brokers to make sure your driving school is approved

How Much Coverage Should My Calgary Car Insurance Policy Include for My New Teen Driver?

Statistically, one out of every five male drivers and one out of every seven female drivers is involved in a collision during their first year of driving. It’s important to protect yourself from a liability suit and to have adequate coverage to protect your assets. Remember, you don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued for millions of dollars, so be sure to speak with your Calgary insurance brokers who will help you determine the amount of coverage you need.

Putting a car in your teenager’s name makes them the responsible and fully accountable party. This only makes sense if you feel he or she is responsible enough and absolutely needs their own vehicle.

Calgary Auto Insurance Tips: Setting Limits for Your Teen Driver

Especially during their first year of driving, set clear limits for your teen’s use of the family car. Explain that your teen will need to maintain a spotless driving record, and will need to pay for any minor damage to the family vehicle. This will help you maintain the lowest insurance rate over time.

Here are some tips to help keep your teen driver safe:

  • After going over safety and the rules of the road, establish your own rules and consequences and make sure he or she understands them before handing over the keys
  • Discuss the positive consequences of a clean driving record on your Calgary car insurance rates
  • Stay involved as an accompanying driver for your Class 7 Driver
  • When your teen becomes a Probationary Driver, reiterate the rules and consequences on a regular basis

Insuring Teen Drivers at Bow Valley Insurance

Insure your teen with the insurance brokers at Bow Valley Insurance. We’ll make sure your teen is covered by auto insurance at the best rate possible! Please request a free auto insurance car insurance quote today.