How to Choose the Right Car Insurance Coverage

How to Choose the Right Car Insurance Coverage

Shopping around for automobile insurance for the first time, or switching companies at renewal time, can be a daunting task. How any particular provider sets your insurance rate can seem to be a closely guarded secret.

Helping you navigate the world of car insurance is where Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary comes in. For nearly four decades we have been providing Canadians with a one-stop source for exceptional insurance coverage at great rates.

You Do Have Car Insurance, Right?

Automobile insurance in Alberta is compulsory, as having insurance protects every motorist, bicyclist and pedestrian we encounter. Alberta requires all drivers to carry at least $200,000 in third-party liability insurance. However it is not advisable to carry such a low limit and $1,000,000 is the norm.

The consequences of not carrying insurance range from hefty fines, licence suspensions etc. and on up to incarceration if you have a major accident without coverage. Never drive without insurance. Simply getting a ticket for driving without coverage will make it far harder for you to save money on your insurance premiums for a number of years.

How Our Independence Works For You

There are several companies offering automobile insurance nationwide. We are not beholden to the insurance products of just one company, we can help you find the best fit that meets your insurance needs at a very competitive price by shopping the rates of several well recognized automobile insurers. In essence, we have vetted the most reliable and responsive insurance companies around, and they each want to compete for your premium dollars.

We have the decades of experience necessary to help you go beyond the quote. We can offer you our insights into the difference between two or more policies, such as coverage features offered at the various price points. For instance, say the higher premium quote offers glass coverage and the lower one does not, which is the right policy for you? The answer depends on your circumstances and needs, and we can help you make the right choice.

How Our Bundling Services Save You Money

Bundling your policies under the banner of one company can save you more money overall than can running with lowest bidder car insurance as a standalone policy. If you purchase bundled home, renter, life, or commercial insurance policies, you will often see a significant discount.

Look for Other Perks and Incentives

Your profession, where you when to post-secondary and whether or not you took driver training can all result in a discount on your premiums. So can having an approved auto security system. Other incentives to look for include accident forgiveness policies or disappearing deductibles for drivers in good standing.

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No matter what you drive, privately, commercially, or recreationally, we can find you great coverage for a fair price. Contact us for a free car insurance quote today.