How Do I Avoid An Auto Accident?

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The streets of Calgary can be pretty hairy sometimes – especially when the weather is bad. Keep your auto insurance rates low by avoiding an accident on the road!

Tips From Your Insurance Brokers Calgary: Ten Tips to Avoid Accidents

Drive slower: It’s always best to drive slower even if other vehicles around you are speeding. You and your family will be safer and you’ll avoid traffic tickets!

Obey the rules of the road: Obey speed limits and all the rules of the road. Use caution when approaching stop signs and red lights; these are areas where accidents often occur. Approach these areas slowly and obey all signs – they are always there for a reason!

Let other drivers pass: Give the right-of-way to other drivers and accept that others will always feel they are in a bigger hurry than you are. Hurried drivers are specifically the ones you want to stay away from!

Use your turn signals: Use signal-lights at least 50 yards before making a turn so other drivers know your intentions.

Avoid driving in bad weather: If you have to drive, keep your headlights and defroster on to ensure good visibility. Use your brake and gas pedals gently, and maintain extra stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Don’t tailgate or stare at the vehicle in front of you: Keep your eyes moving and leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you, in case the driver needs to brake suddenly. If another driver follows too close, allow them to pass as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Dim high beams during nighttime driving: If another vehicle is approaching your high beams can temporarily blind other drivers. Be sure to turn them off while passing.

Keep your vehicle in good condition: Keep brakes adjusted and check tires to ensure they’re inflated properly. Keep your windshield and other windows clean and make sure your wipers and lights work properly.

Avoid distractions: Pull to the side of the road when you need to talk on your cellphone, read a text or get directions. Remember that it’s illegal to drive while distracted in Alberta.

Wear seat belts: If you ever do get in an accident, seat belts save lives and buckling up only takes a second. Secure children in a car seat in the backseat, away from airbags.

Bow Valley Insurance: Car Insurance Brokers Calgary

When looking around for car insurance, it’s always interesting to take note of how your make and model of vehicle may affect your insurance rate. Some cars DO get in accidents a lot more frequently than others! The Insurance Board of Canada (IBC) has released figures for the occurrence rate of collisions based on specific types of vehicles, and they’re not all the speedy sportsters you’d expect!

At Bow Valley Insurance, we sincerely hope you’re never involved in an accident, but if you are, try to remain calm, make sure to obtain names, addresses, drivers license numbers, and telephone numbers of the other drivers. Also, license plate numbers should be recorded and the insurance information from the other drivers. Also, take pictures if you can. Then, when you are in a safe place, contact your provider immediately.

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