House Insurance in Calgary: Prevent Water Damage While Away

Preventing Water Damage to Your Home in the Winter

Since you’ve taken the time to plan for every eventuality while on your vacation or business trip, make sure to plan for occurrences that may happen at home. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage is one of the two most common causes of claims against home insurance policies, and it doesn’t always happen when you’re there. Help keep your house insurance in Calgary claims-free and prevent water damage while you’re away.

Shutting off the entire water supply to your home is one of the easiest ways to prevent extensive water damage, and it should be done whenever you plan on leaving town, even if it’s just for overnight and weekend trips. Checking a few more things around the house before you leave will also help you prevent water damage.

Shutting Off the Main Water Valve to Your Home

Main water shutoff valves are typically installed in basements, and turning them off then stops the water to all the taps and appliances in your home. All adult residents should know where the main water shutoff valve is so they can shut off the water supply in an emergency.

To locate the valve, check around your water meter or outdoor faucet on the inside of your house. The shutoff should be located nearby. After shutting off the main valve open the faucet located at the lowest point in your house – usually the sink in the basement – and drain all the water from the pipes.

Shutting Off Water Supply Valves in Your Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Bathrooms

If you can’t shut off the main water supply because of automatic sprinklers or someone watering your garden while you’re away, you can shut off individual sources of potential water damage. Secondary shutoff valves are commonly installed in the water supply lines that lead directly to most appliances, toilets and faucets. These valves should be checked on a regular basis as they can leak slowly, causing hidden damage you might not be aware of.

House Insurance Calgary: Checking Your Sump Pump and Discharge Lines

Before you leave on your trip, test your pump to make sure it’s functioning properly. If not, it could be clogged, and you could be in for an unwelcome surprise when you return! If you plan to be gone for a long period, you may want to add a backup battery to your pump. Backup batteries will ensure your sump pump functions continuously during power outages.

House Insurance Calgary: Bow Valley Insurance

With a little preparation, you can prevent water damage to your home while you’re away and help keep your house insurance in Calgary claims-free. If you’re shopping for home insurance, be sure to request a free online home insurance quote from the brokers at Bow Valley Insurance, where you’ll gain access to several leading insurance providers.