Home Insurance Tips: Avoid Common Accidents at Home

An accident in or around your home can be expensive, especially if an injury is involved. As you probably already know, if one of your guests or an uninsured contractor hurts themselves on your property and sues you, you could be found liable for damages. Here are some tips to avoid common accidents at home.

The insurance professionals at Bow Valley Insurance are always looking for ways to assist their clients on how to save on their insurance costs.

Home Insurance in Calgary: Avoid Common Accidents in the Kitchen

The most common home injuries occur on stairs and in kitchens. Slippery floors like laminates and linoleum tiles can be especially dangerous for running children and guests in unfamiliar surroundings.

  • Keep extra pairs of gripper slippers or socks on hand for guests, and make sure each child residing in your home has a pair.
  • Ensure all indoor and outdoor stairwells have adequate lighting and that handrails are secure.

Other things you can do to prevent injuries in your kitchen:

  • Check latches on all cupboard doors and drawers to ensure they close securely or install child-proof oven and cupboard door latches.
  • Store cleaning products, alcohol, and medicine in an upper cupboard, out of reach of children.
  • Keep the handles of pots and pans turned towards the back of the stove to prevent burns.
  • Install a toddler gate across the entrance to your kitchen.

Prevent Knife Cuts

  • Never leave sharp knives in soapy water where someone may reach in to do the dishes and cut themselves.
  • Bagel slicers are an excellent option that can help prevent minor injuries.
  • Since a sharp knife requires less pressure, it is less likely to slip and cut a finger. Always keep your knives sharpened.
  • If you drop a knife don’t try and grab it, simply let it fall to the floor.

Preventing Electrical Shock

Never overload outlets, and always replace old, worn-out extension cords. Cover your outlets if you have small children in your home. Store small appliances away from water, and never pick up an electrical appliance with wet hands.

Contact Your Insurance Provider After an Accident or When Your Home Needs Repairs

Your Calgary home insurance policy requires you to take reasonable steps to prevent accidents and damage to your home and to contact your insurance agent or broker immediately after an incident occurs. This ensures repairs are made in a timely manner and further damage is prevented.

While it’s okay to make repairs yourself if you have the skills, if you don’t have the necessary tools and knowledge, hire someone who does! Just as you’d hire a professional broker to help you find home insurance in Calgary, always hire a qualified professional to make any necessary repairs to your home!

Home Insurance From a Bow Valley Insurance Professional

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