Home Insurance Calgary: Guide to Backflow Valves and Sump Pumps

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In light of recent flooding in Calgary and other areas of the province, home insurance is a hot topic. The Alberta Government is suggesting that those living in floodways and flood fringes perform certain alterations to their home to help mitigate water damage should there ever be another flood. Here we explain the use of backflow valves and sump pumps, and also review available funding from the provincial government to repair or rebuild your home or small business if you incurred damage in the floods in June of 2013.

Although water filled numerous basements in Calgary, a great deal of it did not come from the flood itself. Due to enormous amounts of water entering the sewers, the system was overwhelmed, and water entered homes through drains, toilets and pipes. Installing backflow valves and sump pumps can help mitigate flood damage and reduce the cost of repairing your home after a flood occurs.

Home Insurance Calgary: Backflow Valves and Sump Pump Installation

Two flood mitigation measures commonly used to protect homes and businesses are backflow valves and sump pumps. Valves and pumps are two very different things, and it’s a good idea to have both installed to protect your home or building.

Sump Pumps – These powerful machines are designed to quickly and efficiently pump water out of your home or business in the event flooding occurs. Based on the size of your home or building, you can install a secondary pump, or as many additional backup pumps as you like. If your home or building has a large basement or floor plan, it’s a good idea to install more than one pump to make sure all your interior areas are protected. Remember that a sump pump requires power to make it work, and so obtaining one with a battery back up is a must.

Backflow Valves – Only allowing water to flow out, these one-way valves essentially seal off incoming sewage routes into your home. Providing reliable, affordable protection from sewage entering your home or business. Many new homes and buildings come with a backflow valve installed, but if in an older home or building, you need to have one installed yourself.

If you have a backflow valve or sump pump installed, and you may qualify for a discount on your home insurance policy.

Home Insurance Calgary: Tips on Flood Mitigation Standards

According to flood mitigation standards introduced by the government of Alberta, those choosing to repair or rebuild in flood prone areas need to incorporate flood mitigation measures, and those who don’t put flood mitigation measures in place risk their eligibility for government funding in the future in the event of another flood.

When Do Provincial Mitigation Standards Apply?

Alberta’s flood mitigation standards apply if:

  • Your property is located in flood fringe areas
  • Your property was damaged in the recent 2013 flooding
  • You qualified for the 2013 Disaster Recovery Program in southern Alberta or Wood Buffalo

If your home or business falls into any of the above three categories, take flood mitigation measures to ensure clean up is quicker and easier should flooding ever occur again.

If you install minimum flood mitigation measures in the basement of your home, Disaster Recovery Funds should be available in case future flooding occurs. For more information about flood mitigation standards, please see Alberta’s Flood Mitigation Measures.

Tips on Available Government Funding for Rebuilding in Flood Fringe Areas

Many homes and small businesses damaged by the 2013 floods may qualify for this type of financial assistance if both of the following apply:

  • Your eligible home or business is in a flood fringe area
  • Costs of repairing your home or building is higher than the costs of rebuilding to a basic construction standard

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