Home and Auto Insurance Renewal Tips

Home and auto insurance renewal time is a great opportunity for you to make sure you are getting the most out of your premiums. Unfortunately, however, many people miss this chance. At Bow Valley Insurance, our experienced brokers have been serving the needs of Canadians for 34 years, and we highly recommend asking some key questions come renewal time.

Watch for Your Renewal Papers

When you receive your insurance renewal papers, contact one of our customer service agents within thirty to sixty days (read your policy) of your deadline. We can offer a lot of tips as to what to look for when renewing your home and/or automobile insurance coverage. Saving you money on your insurance premiums begins with a friendly conversation with one of our brokers.

As brokers, we are able to compare your current coverage with policies provided by the 15 national providers we work with. Insurance is competitive, and our agencies work hard to earn your business. The chances of finding a policy that covers your insurance needs exactly are higher when you have competing firms offering many different policies at your disposal.

Bow Valley Insurance can also help you save on your premiums through a comprehensive review of your insurance coverage needs. We will go over your driving habits in detail for your auto insurance renewal, and check on the current state of your property and your possessions for your home insurance renewal. These details may reveal that you are overpaying for your insurance, and can also reveal whether you are underinsured, or not insured under the circumstances or in the amounts you thought you were.

Although you may be saving on monthly premiums, being underinsured can be very costly. Failure to purchase sewer back-up coverage as an addition to your home insurance can be the difference between being able to save your home after a flood or not.

Recent Changes to Auto Insurance in Alberta

If you have noticed that your auto insurance premiums have become slightly more expensive than years’ past, there are reasons why that have nothing to do with your driving record. The provincial regulatory board approved up to a five percent rate increase in August, 2013, which could have been applied at your last renewal. By examining how much you drive, details like where you park, and even your employer (certain professions are eligible for discounts), we may be able to make up the difference.

Bow Valley Insurance Protects Canadians

You don’t have to wait for renewal time to contact us. Let us provide you with a free quote today on your home insurance quote or car insurance quote. Remember, too, that combining your policies is another great way to save!