Heading on a Road Trip? Be Prepared For Anything!

Before any long road trip, we advocate thorough preparation and planning ahead. By properly anticipating and mitigating potential risks in driving long distances, not only will you better enjoy your trip, you’ll be more prepared to face any unforeseen challenges.

The Pre-Trip Checklist

Every long drive, made for either business or pleasure, is partly a trip into the unknown. There are a lot of factors you won’t be able to plan for on your trip, such as changing weather, a sudden illness, passenger behaviour and other drivers. That’s why always practicing consistently good driving habits is your best and most reliable method of lessening risk on the road. Always avoid distractions, and keep your awareness levels high.

Give your vehicle a good checkup prior to embarking upon a long road trip. Begin from the ground up. The tires should not be too worn or worn unevenly, and should be properly inflated to carry the full load. Your spare should also be properly inflated, and a refresher on how to mount it is a good idea. The steering and brakes should be in top condition, all of your lights working properly and your battery reliably charging and discharging. Check your fluid levels, and have them changed if it has been some time since they were serviced.

And as well as your vehicle, you should also be in top notch condition before setting out. Ensure you have a good night’s rest to be able to maintain your concentration. Also, pack lots for the kids to do, and make sure they feel involved in the trip planning. Keeping the kids well-informed can help alleviate a lot of stress. Program your GPS well ahead of time, and make sure your emergency kit is still well-stocked.

Finally, double-check your auto insurance policy. As well, traveller’s insurance to deal with unexpected mishaps is a must.

Protecting Your Home While On the Road

Proper trip planning begins at home. Whether you rent or own, it’s a solid choice to have someone actively checking your home while you are gone. In fact, some homeowners policies require caretaking for extended absences. Not only are you helping to protect your real and personal property, you are also letting someone know when to expect you back. Also make sure you have a fully updated list of your personal possessions in case a burglary happens while you are away.

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