Hail Damage, Roof Maintenance and Your Home Insurance

Large hail stones in hands

Residents of Alberta have experienced a large number of weather-related claims in recent years, accounting for a large part of the total national damages. The frequency and severity of storms in Alberta has been trending upwards for decades now. Just last August, we had a hail storm hit the Calgary area that caused an estimated $450 million in damages.

At Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary, we recommend a diligent approach to keeping your Alberta home insurance premiums low. First on the agenda is controlling the weather-related risks that you are able.

Take steps to Avoid filing Insurance Claims for Hail Damage

In terms of hail, one relatively easy step is to, if possible, ensure your vehicles are parked in a garage or in a protected environment.

Alberta’s hail can be severe to easily damage cars, and can also damage homes. Be sure to regularly (and safely) check your roof, eavestroughs, windows and doors after a bad storm.

Signs of Hail Damage

While hail damage can be as obvious as the smashing of glass and dimpling of automobiles, but can also be subtle.

In addition to pummeling vehicles, every severe hail storm in Alberta causes:

  • Structural damage to roof shingles, accelerating their wear, and damage to metal flashing, causing leakage problems.
  • Damage to trees and landscaping. Blown over trees also knock over power lines, on houses, cars, fences,  boats and personal watercraft outside in the open.
  • Motor vehicle accidents, either through sudden visibility problems, flash flooded streets, or loss of traction.

Discover Your Options With Bow Valley

Since 2011, Alberta has experienced $4 billion in weather damage. Before the next storm hits is a perfect time to review your home and auto insurance needs. If it’s an option, bundling all of your policies could earn you a discount. For a free quote on home insurance, contact Bow Valley Insurance.