Get Entered to Win With A Quote!

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Bow Valley Insurance is currently taking part in the nation-wide Select Sweepstakes campaign, where winners drive off in a brand new car!

In partnership between Economical Select and along with 72 other insurance brokers across Canada, the Select Sweepstakes offers eligible group members the opportunity to win great prizes.

Open mainly to those in the financial industry and medical professionals through Bow Valley Insurance, the Select Sweepstakes is a win-win for everyone.

“The Select Sweepstakes campaign is very effective in helping grow our group insurance business,” said David Fitzpatrick, Economical’s divisional vice-president of Economical Select.

“The campaign’s fresh approach is driving sales for our broker partners by rewarding their customers with a chance to win great prizes just for getting a competitively priced quote. This year, we are putting six winners in the driver’s seat of a brand new vehicle. People can also win a $100 gas card.”

The first winner of 2015 was announced Aug. 26 in Brantford, Ont. The individual was entered into the sweepstakes after calling in to her local broker for a no-obligation quote. She was handed the keys to a brand new 2016 Ford Mustang shortly after. 


  • Monthly draws for $100 gas cards
  • Grand prizes of six band-new vehicles including a Ford Mustang (won in August), a MINI Cooper, Toyota RAV4, Jeep Cherokee, Chevrolet Equinox and a BMW 4 Series.

The sweepstakes will close March 31, 2016. Read the complete contest rules here.

To check your eligibility and be entered into The Select Sweepstakes, call 1-800-332-1308 or fill out this form for a free quote.

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