Flood Preparation Tips For Your Home

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In our previous articles Get to Know Your Wiring and Electrical Box and Guide to Backflow Valves and Sump Pumps we provide important information on preventing electrical accidents and tips to protect your home in case of a flood. To reduce damage when water enters your basement, there are several ways you can seal up cracks and leaks that may allow moisture in.

Home Insurance Calgary: Keeping Your Basement Dry

First, prevent water from entering your basement by checking for cracks in concrete walls where pipes or tie-rods go through the concrete. For minor leaks, use sealants to keep out moisture.

  • Keep gutters clean and position downspouts to discharge rainwater at least 1metre away from your foundation.
  • Dirt around your foundation often settles lower than the surrounding dirt, causing the ground to slope toward the foundation. After downspouts are properly positioned, evaluate your home’s perimeter and ensure the ground slopes away from your foundation and away from sill plates.
  • Roots create a path for water to flow toward your foundation. Keep plants at least 0.5 metres away from your home and plant them on a slight slope to direct water away from your foundation.

For serious or continuous water problems consider installing a French drain and/or sump pump.

  • French drains use a continuous system of pipes that run beneath the floor of your basement and along its perimeter.
  • Sump pumps often have an alarm and backup system and are effective for major water problems.

Many flood prevention devices earn you a discount on your home insurance. Calgary homeowners should speak with their broker to find out if they qualify.

Basements in an Unfinished Home

Water vapour passes through basement walls and contributes to higher humidity levels. Before putting up finished walls, consider installing a vapour-barrier. Sheets of high-quality, extra durable plastic work to direct water downward and into your drainage system, keeping moisture away from studs, sheet rock and panelling and keep humidity levels lower.

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