Driving Prep Can Reduce Your Risk of Accidents

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Despite decades of improvements in automotive safety and driver education, traffic accidents are still very common. A high percentage of all road accidents, it’s the human factor that is the leading contributor. Going through a formal driving instruction course when first getting your license is a great way to learn good driving behaviours, and will also earn you a discount with many of insurance companies. Practising care and attention at all times will reduce your risk of accidents.

Know Your Physical Limitations

It is a good practise to follow not to drive when you are overtired, haven’t had a good night’s sleep, feeling unwell, emotionally upset, impaired in any manner etc.

Know Your Vehicle

This tip is not only about your daily commuter vehicle, but about any car you drive. You should always have a good idea about the condition of your vehicle. Always stay on top of your car’s maintenance schedule.

If you renting a car, always take a moment before starting to drive to familiarize yourself with all the controls like the radio, windshield wiper switch, headlight switch, climate control  etc. and other features of the car. It is very unsafe to familiarize while driving.

Another good idea before you are moving is to find the blind spots in the vehicle, as they vary in degree by make and model. Also carefully set all of the rear and side view mirrors, and adjust your seat accordingly.

Safety First

Seat belts and properly installed child restraints are not only essential safety equipment, their use is the law throughout Canada and the United States. Before driving, ensure that your seat and its belt are optimally adjusted, and double check any child seat is properly secured and that all of the straps are where they are designed to be.

Use Your Headlights

Whenever visibility is questionable you shouldn’t hesitate to turn on your headlights. It is not only a matter of your being able to see in uncertain lighting conditions, you increase the distance your vehicle can be seen by other motorists from both from ahead and behind.

Drive Defensively

You should remain constantly vigilant of others on the road i.e. other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

It is a good habit to have to ensure that others on the road are made aware of you and your intentions. In practice this translates as making clearly signalled turns and lane changes. If at a three or four way uncontrolled intersection, make sure that you have a clear right of way before proceeding.

Make Sure You Are Adequately Covered

Alberta requires a mandatory minimum of automobile insurance coverage that could be low compared to your financial circumstances. Whether you need a review, renewal, or increased  personal liability coverage, we offer free car insurance quotes from several leading insurers. Let us do the shopping for you.