Do I Still Need to Idle My Automobile?

Responsible drivers are well aware of the importance of auto maintenance as well as being safe on the road for keeping your insurance costs low. Going easy on your car can also add up to substantial savings through increased fuel efficiency and less wear-and-tear to your vehicle. And in the cold winters, we want to be as good to our vehicles as we can…they’re what is keeping us comfortable, warm and protected on the road. But it’s possible some of us may have a few habits that no longer apply in this modern day and age.

The Inefficiency of Idling

Even though it’s a lot nicer to climb into a warmed-up automobile on a cold winter morning than a cold one, the truth is that the days when “warming up your car” before taking off was a necessity are over.

Idling is actually harder on your car than driving it. Fuel injection and computer controlled ignition systems, borrowed over from aircraft, have eliminated many of the engine management inefficiencies that used to require cold idle practices and a thorough engine warm up before getting underway. The fastest way to warm up a modern gasoline powered car is to give it a minute to circulate oil out of the oil pan and then get moving. Getting moving quickly also forces the engine management to reduce the gasoline to air ratio, burning more cleanly while moving as opposed to when parked and running.

As well, simply idling causes an incomplete combustion of an enriched fuel/air mixture atop the cylinder heads, which can cause carbon deposits to build up.

Better Motor Oil Introduced

The motor oils from 70 years ago bear little resemblance to even the most inexpensive ones of today. Modern engines are designed to run on lighter-weight motor oils than those of even fifteen years ago, and many higher end ones are designed to run on synthetic motor oils. These thinner oils are more resistant to heat and friction and remain liquid even after a heavy workout.

More Insurance Savings Tips

Running with the best tires you can is another way to improve fuel efficiency in your vehicle, and also is proven to result in safer winter driving.

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