Do I Need Specialty Insurance For My Vacation or Manufactured Home?

Vacation homes provide a place for enjoyable getaways, and can also be a wise investment for you and your family. They eliminate the need for expensive temporary lodging at hotels, however, since they’re not occupied year round, they can be difficult to insure through traditional Calgary home insurance. If you have a vacation home – whether it is cabin, manufactured home or a park model – you often will need a different insurance policy, usually called specialty or seasonal home insurance.

Whether your seasonal home is large or small, proper insurance is essential to protect yourself and your investment. Working with a Calgary home insurance broker such as the professionals at Bow Valley Insurance that have access to several insurance providers is the best way to find the optimum specialty home insurance for you.

Specialty Home Insurance Calgary: Manufactured Homes and Park Models

There are many benefits to employing a small cabin, manufactured home or park model as a seasonal getaway away from Calgary. These homes provide affordable alternatives that can be less expensive to buy and insure than a traditionally-built house, making owning a seasonal home that much more possible.

If you plan to vacation with a large family or group and prefer your creature comforts, a manufactured home provides a lower-priced, comfortable alternative to a conventionally built home for your vacations. Just like a primary residence, though, a seasonal home is at risk of damage due to flood, fire, wind and storms, and it’s important to insure it properly.

There are two major types of manufactured homes:

  • Modular: Transported in sections and constructed on site, modular homes are prefabricated and are attached to a permanent foundation.
  • Mobile: Not attached to a permanent foundation, these homes are constructed entirely at the factory and built on a permanent steel chassis before being towed to a site.

Park models are smaller than typical manufactured homes but are built in much the same way. Midway between a small cabin and a larger manufactured home, park models typically have a living room and kitchen with a single bedroom and bath, and many have a loft that doubles available sleeping or living space.

Perfect for a small family or group of friends, park models can be insured through specialty home insurance coverage.

While your manufactured home or park model is vacant, it’s at risk for potential vandalism and theft. You can lower this risk by not storing expensive items in your home, and by proactively addressing safety and security concerns. This may enable you to save even more on your specialty insurance coverage.

Specialty Home Insurance

How your seasonal home is used and how often it’s used will help determine which specialty insurance options are best for you. Bow Valley Insurance will work with you to find the optimum coverage for your seasonal home to maintain the value in your investment for a long time to come!

Please contact us if you have any questions about specialty insurance or request a free, online home insurance quote  today!