Coverage for Contractors: Keep Safe With Insurance Brokers

Every year, thousands of accidents in construction industry result in serious injuries and loss of business. At Bow Valley, our experienced Calgary insurance brokers can help identify specific loss control techniques to help you avoid misfortunes. We represent several leading providers of Calgary contractor insurance, so no matter what type of contracting you do, we will make sure you have proper protection for you and your livelihood.

Good safety practices and procedures will help you prevent accidents, injuries, and prevent losses.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and provincial regulations set strict standards for workplaces. Lower your overall risk by implementing the following:

  • Create your own safety philosophy
  • Provide training that supports your own safety philosophy
  • Design a job-site safety manual for employees and subcontractors

Calgary Insurance Brokers: General Tips for Job-Site Safety

Over half of serious job site accidents involve people on the ground:

  • Workers
  • Spotters
  • Labourers
  • Superintendents
  • Passersby

This means whether your business uses small hand tools or large, heavy equipment, taking the proper safety precautions for those on the ground will significantly reduce your risk.

  • Ensure job sites are properly marked and identified with warning signs
  • Completely block access to dangerous areas

Safety Tips for Hand Tools

There are two common causes of accidents involving hand tools that pose serious risks to your business: improper use of tools and lack of tool maintenance.

Reduce this risk by:

  • Requiring an inspection of each tool before use
  • Using high-quality tools and keeping them properly maintained
  • Providing training on the proper use of tools and the right tool for the job
  • Making use of personal protective gear mandatory

The type of protective gear required depends on the job. At a minimum, eye protection should be worn whenever tools are used.

Insurance Tips: Electrical Safety

Taking proper precautions:

  • Inspect sites before planning a job to identify power lines
  • Plan jobs to use low equipment whenever power lines are present
  • Allow a distance of at least one and a half car lengths under overhead lines whenever you operate machinery or equipment

*Never dig before checking with your local power company!

In case of accident or injury:

  • If your equipment contacts a power line, remain at least three car lengths away and call for emergency assistance immediately
  • Call for emergency assistance immediately if anyone is injured in an electrical accident
  • Always stay at least three car lengths away from anyone injured in an electrical accident

Remember, a downed or exposed underground power line can still be active.

Tips for Operating Heavy Equipment

The most common cause of injury to those working with heavy equipment occurs when climbing on or off the machine. Reduce this risk by training workers to use extreme caution and to keep their boots free of mud and debris to avoid slipping or falling.

Insurance Tips: Fire Safety

Another common cause of job-site accidents is fire resulting from hot work, welding, or cutting operations. Adher

At Bow Valley Insurance, we do the shopping around for the best contractor insurance available to suit the specific needs of your business. Our experienced insurance brokers can help you identify specific loss control techniques to reduce risk to the general public, your subcontractors and your business. We represent several well-known insurance companies. Request your free, online quote today!