Cover Your Alberta Company With Cyber Insurance

Hacker typing on a laptop with binary code in background

A cyber attack can come in many forms. It can be the distributed denial of service, theft of information, unauthorised malware installation, or even the trading of your customer information or trade secrets on the “dark net.” If your company, and especially any e-commerce component is utilized then you are at risk.

Alberta cyber insurance can protect you and your customers from malicious attempts to steal information, upset your business operations and damage your reputation.

Be Practical About Online Security

In many practical ways, you have to be proactive and self-reliant about your company’s cyber security. After your e-commerce website gets taken offline by a malicious “bot net,” attack from a bored teenager is not when you want to wonder about if whether the lost revenue is an insured loss under your existing commercial insurance. Your first thought should be proper cyber insurance coverage for your business.

If you think your Albertan business is too well protected to be hacked for valuable customer information and credit card numbers, several other mega-organizations also thought the same thing.. Canada Revenue Agency was crippled by malware. The super retailer Target suffered a massive customer data breach that virtually dragged its corporate reputation through the mud and cost it millions in mitigation services.

At Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary, we have heard tales from business owners who never suspected that their company would have their websites vandalised, or maliciously taken down, or had their firewall breached to access their data. It doesn’t matter who you are, all information is valuable to a hacker.

If You’re Connected, Get Protected

Your business’s web presence is only going to grow with time, and so too will your risk of exposure to cyber criminal activity. If you have any sensitive information stored on your computers regarding clients, vendors, patients, or your own business or its employees, then you should consider carrying a dedicated cyber liability policy.

Your standard commercial insurance likely does not cover the more obscure events that are the hallmarks of cybercrime. With cyber crime, nothing is physically taken, no doors or windows pried open, no filing cabinets smashed and contents absconded with. But your business has certainly been ransacked all the same. It takes a lot of time and resources to recover, and that is where your cyber insurance policy comes in.

Bow Valley Insurance

As insurance brokers we are able to provide you options from several nationally recognised insurers.

For a more detailed review of the types of cyber insurance that Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary has on offer to compete for your company’s insurance premium dollar, contact us today for a free quote on commercial insurance and specify your interest in cyber insurance.