Consequences of A Hit-and-Run

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Being up front and honest about your vehicle use is a large factor in having proper insurance. The truth is also vitally important when reporting both your accidents and traffic offences.

Don’t Compound A Mistake

Every accident gives rise to major responsibilities for you, the driver. Even if you only slightly damage property, say a fence or a guardrail, the Alberta Traffic Safety Act charges you with the duty to report the accident to the authorities. Stay at the locatyion of the accident and call the police. You must be prepared to provide all of the pertinent information expected of you, such as your identity, current address, proof of insurance, and the details about your vehicle.

Even if you think you can get away with scraping that parked car at the mall and leaving the scene, don’t. You are not only being a bad neighbour and citizen, in this day when nearly everyone carries a camera on their phone, you are likely to be caught and face dire consequences, including losing your insurance.

The Stakes Rapidly Increase

The penalty is up to a five-year prison term for leaving an accident causing injury. The courts in Alberta, and nationwide, have also determined that the duty to remain at the scene and render aid extends to the fellow occupants of your own vehicle as well.

The term “hit and run” implies a conscious intent to abandon the scene. It is your duty within the law to render what assistance you reasonably can, notify the authorities and then be candid about your role in the accident. If you need to leave the scene for rescue and medical assistance, leave behind a note detailing why you are no longer there. If you have nothing with which to write, leave behind an identifier, such as your registration trapped under a wiper, or something else that indicates an effort to reveal an intent to assist.

Providing Excellent Auto Insurance

Always do your best to drive calmly and minimize distractions in order to reduce the risk of accidents to begin with and keep your premiums low. To compare your current auto insurance coverage with what quotes from Bow Valley Insurance to possibly lower their insurance premiums.