Commercial Auto Insurance: Keeping Costs Down the Smart Way

Fleet vehicle accidents are a major cause of business losses for those in the transport industry. Implementing an effective loss prevention program is the best way to minimize your risk. Fleet policies and procedures that reduce your company’s exposure to risk can help to lower your overall long-term Calgary commercial auto insurance costs.

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Driver Policies Based on a Motor Vehicle Safety Philosophy

Fleet owners should take the time to develop a vehicle safety philosophy by determining how you expect your drivers to perform. Then design driver policies to support that philosophy. Identifying potential causes of accidents and the specific risks your drivers face will help you develop appropriate responses.

Effective Risk Management: Developing a Fleet Safety Manual

A fleet safety driving manual for each driver should be kept in every vehicle. Its contents should also be clearly communicated. Ideally, drivers should know exactly what is expected of them at all times.

Have drivers sign an acknowledgment that they have read, understood, and will abide by the manual, and develop an efficient way to communicate changes and receive employee feedback.

Consider the following when creating your safety manual:

  • Procedures you expect drivers to follow in case of an accident
  • Policies on personal use of business vehicles
  • Instructions for proper fuel use, storage and disposal
  • Instructions for suffering an injury at work
  • Unauthorized use guidelines such as driving while impaired or fatigued, driving at night and taking a vehicle outside its geographical area.
  • Policies on maximum allowable speeds, safe following distances, use of headlights, and proper parking and reverse procedures

Consider how to reward safe drivers and ways to encourage operators to develop safe driving habits. Listen to your drivers, too. They can provide suggestions to improve safety for your company.

Effective Risk Management: Fleet Policies and Procedures

Effectively managing business risk involves preventing circumstances that cause losses. Fleet policies and procedures should include a regular schedule of preventive vehicle maintenance and inspections, and documentation is essential.

Effective policies and procedures for effective risk management should also include:

  • Proper after hours vehicle storage policies that include locking doors and keeping valuable items out of sight to prevent theft.
  • Vehicle alarm systems.
  • First-aid kits in all vehicles.
  • Emergency services phone numbers in the case of an accident.
  • Depending on your area, safety kits including a shovel, a tow rope, jumper cables, basic tools, washer fluid, fuel-line antifreeze, a flashlight, a blanket, candles and matches.

Driver screening and hiring policies should establish requirements such minimum number of years of driving experience and maximum allowable traffic violations

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) provides more information on managing risk.

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