Calgary Insurance Blog: Car Technology for Your Protection

Since the early 1980s car makers have been incorporating more and more cutting edge technologies that have led to much safer vehicles on our roads. Air bags, all-wheel drive, onboard cellular phone connectivity, navigational systems and antilock brakes all seemed incredibly futuristic at their first introduction, but are now everyday parts of modern vehicles.

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New Year, New Technology

Car technology and innovation have come to the point where completely affordable lower-to-mid-range luxury cars not only have many of the above features, but every new model year sees these technologies, and more, used in less expensive cars too.

That trend is due to the law. At base, every new car sold in Canada today has standard air bags, reinforced doors, and antilock brakes, as well as some approved version of Vehicle Stability Control. A VSC system contains pitch and yaw sensors that trigger automatic independent wheel braking during violent maneuvering that exceeds the car’s design limits. Usually, a traction control system is also included.

Other commonly available safety technology includes side curtain airbags, which keep passengers away from glass, as well as cushioning body structures protecting from intrusion from other vehicles or physical obstacles. Many newer cars feature reactive tensioning seat belts, too, which use fast reacting reel motors to lessen the slack in your belts when a collision is apparent.

The technological advances in modern cars are not limited to devices that assist in the event of loss of control, or to mitigate imminent collisions, they are also employed to prevent crashes in the first place. From headlights that track like eyes upon the road, to “heads up” windshield depictions of information and even infrared sensing of wildlife in the roadway, to rain sensitive wipers, to hands free telephone connectivity, blind spot detection, radar measured adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance, to back-up cameras, the modern car is built for safety foremost. Some cars will even soon parallel park themselves!

The Future of Insurance?

Computers aboard these vehicles are what make many of their safety advances possible. What onboard computers also make possible is handed down from the racing world—telematics. In a nutshell, what telematics are is the systemic recording of data about how the vehicle is operating.

Telematics is special software designed to connect to the vehicle’s onboard computers so as to relay the vital information recorded in their memory. Increasingly, these telematics are being used to act as “live” witnesses as to what “really happened” at a collision. For example, telemetry will calculate time versus distance travelled to reveal if excessive speed was an accident factor.

Telematics can also exonerate you in a situation wherein you are not at fault by revealing your braking patterns, etc.

As of now, telematics is being piloted in programs across Canada in attempts to work out how they can be used to pioneer usage-based insurance policies and premiums.

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