Calgary Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Maintaining Your Fleet

Calgary broker Bow Valley Insurance provides excellent coverage to protect your fleet of commercial vehicles. With our specialized policies in commercial insurance, business owners and operators can design customized packages that meet their individual needs. Calgary businesses trust Bow Valley Insurance to protect their vehicles.

Whether you’re managing a small business with one or two vehicles or a huge commercial fleet, optimizing the way your fleet operates can increase productivity, reduce costs, and make your business more competitive. Put simply, effective fleet maintenance begins with carrying proper commercial insurance, but also requires skill and experience to effectively manage.

Commercial Insurance: Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Whether your business uses a fleet of passenger vehicles, medium or light-duty trucks, or large long-haul trucks, FleetSmart from Natural Resources Canada provides free online tools and advice on business practices that will make your fleet more energy-efficient, reduce your operating costs, increase productivity, and make your business more competitive. 

Increasing Employee Safety and Fuel-Use Awareness

Designed for fleets operating medium and light-duty vehicles in urban areas, SmartDriver in the City  programs by Natural Resources Canada present ten-minute “Tailgate Sessions” designed to suit busy schedules. They cover the challenges urban fleets face, provide an overview of defensive driving techniques to train your drivers to avoid accidents, and include tips on making your fleet more efficient while protecting the environment at the same time.

Tips for Maintaining a Large Fleet

The following apps will assist you in managing your fleet and increase your productivity:

  • A free productivity tool, Tooledo helps you manage checklists and collaborate with others. You can divide tasks by order of importance and make the top level your critical todo list. Use the next level for tasks you need to do soon, such as working on your fleet budget or developing your fuel-reduction strategy. Use the third level for your on-the-horizon tasks.
  • Need to convert metric units to pounds, cubic feet, or cubic yards? Convert Units for Free  is a free app that will do it for you.
  • Ever need to look up sheet metal gauges, drill or fastener sizes, or other useful information for the specs of your equipment? Mech Ref is a reference library for all things mechanical.
  • Stuck in a meeting and need to manage PDFs on your iPad? Several Book Apps are available that allow you to do just that.

Safety Tips for Maintaining a Small Fleet

Some small business owner or startup companies in Calgary maintain a small fleet of vehicles and take care of the maintenance themselves. Managing a small number of automobiles involves careful record keeping and proper upkeep. Older vehicles with higher mileage require special care. According to Castrol Canada, the following maintenance tips will help you avoid expensive repairs and increase the safety of your commercial vehicles:

  • Find a good mechanic BEFORE you need one
  • Get regular oil changes and use high-mileage motor oil
  • Get regular tune-ups even if the vehicle runs well
  • Observe seasonal maintenance practices
  • Check fluids regularly
  • Diagnose noises, smells, or anything that feels abnormal immediately
  • Check for leaking fluids and fix seals immediately
  • Store vehicles in dry, temperate locations
  • Check tires at least once a month

Always perform safety checks on your commercial vehicles. Examining lifesaving devices such as air bags, anti-lock brakes and other safety features regularly will increase the safety of your vehicles, decrease the likelihood you’ll experience an insured loss, and could make you eligible for a discount on your commercial insurance. Speak with your Calgary commercial vehicle insurance broker if you have any questions about potential discounts.

When You Need to Increase the Size of Your Fleet

Natural Resources Canada provides a wealth of useful information on the performance of Cars and Light Trucks  as well as Commercial Vehicles.  Always check the Fuel Consumption Ratings  of vehicles before you buy.

Bow Valley is the Best Choice for Calgary Commercial Vehicle Insurance!

Whether you’re managing a small business with a few vehicles or a large fleet of hundreds, Bow Valley Insurance is Calgary’s choice for a commercial vehicle insurance broker. We have access to several insurance providers, giving us the ability to provide specialized commercial insurance policies and design customized packages that meet the needs of your business…all at the very best price available.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Calgary commercial insurance or to request a free online quote.