Auto Insurance For Used Vehicle Owners: Be Diligent About Recalls

Having recalled vehicles repaired in a timely fashion keeps our roadways safe and helps stop accidents. If your vehicle is recalled, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the recall notice, contact your Calgary auto insurance broker and provider, and have your vehicle repaired immediately!

Bow Valley Insurance urges all used vehicle owners to be diligent about recalls.

The Importance of Repairing Recalled Vehicles

While Transport Canada regulations cover all new vehicles sold in Canada, the responsibility for the safety of everyone travelling on Canadian roadways also rests with each of us. For your own safety and the safety of others, all vehicle owners share the responsibilities for ensuring recalled vehicles are timely repaired.

Checking for Previous Recall Notices for Used Vehicles

When a safety-related defect is identified, recall notices are issued by vehicle manufacturers. Transport Canada maintains an on-line database of recall notices that goes back as far as the 1970 model year, and all used vehicle owners should make a habit of consulting the Road Safety Recalls Database regularly.

Alternatively, contact your vehicle manufacturer or car dealer to see if your specific make and model has been affected by a recall. Be sure to find your Vehicle Information Number (VIN) on the driver’s side dashboard near the windshield, and have it ready when you call.

How to Do Your Part for Road Safety

While it’s the responsibility of vehicle manufacturers to send notices to all vehicle owners affected by a recall, to successfully contact members of the public manufacturers must rely on provincial registries. These registries are usually reliable, but can occasionally become outdated when vehicle owners move or when a vehicle is sold multiple times. This means all used vehicle owners should find out whether their own make and model has ever been recalled for any reason.

By doing the following, you’ll do your part in ensuring your own safety and the safety of all those on the road:

  • Register used vehicles with the manufacturer to ensure you receive prompt notification of a recall
  • Immediately update your licence if you move
  • Check Transport Canada’s Road Safety Recalls Database regularly for new recall notices

Reporting a Safety-Related Defect in Your Vehicle

Another responsibility of Transport Canada is to enforce of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, which includes investigations of suspected safety-related defects. The Act covers any defect that interferes with the safe functioning of vehicles tires, and child car seats.

For a defect to be considered safety-related, it must have originated during the following stages of production:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly

To be considered safety-related, the same defect must be found in a group of similar vehicles, tires or child car seats, and must directly endanger the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users including the driver, passengers and any other vehicle occupants.

The problem caused by the defect must also occur with little or no warning and cannot be due to:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Lack of proper vehicle maintenance
  • Negligence on the part of the vehicle owner

If you believe a safety-related defect exists that affects the operation of your vehicle, tires or child car seat, report the problem to Transport Canada’s Defect Investigations and Recalls Division immediately. This division of Transport Canada documents all reports of safety-related issues and will launch an investigation, if warranted. The division documents all recall campaigns, updates Transport Canada’sRoad Safety Recalls Database and monitors the rate of recall completion.

At Bow Valley Insurance, it’s always safety first. If you believe a safety-related defect may be affecting the operation of your vehicle, tires or a child car seat, please report the problem to the Defect Investigations and Recalls Division immediately.

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