Auto Insurance: Be Frugal and Safe With Gas-Saving Driving Tips

Making changes to how and how often you drive allows you to use less fuel, makes you more frugal at the pump, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The brokers at Bow Valley Insurance find Calgary auto insurance plans at the lowest rates and are always looking for ways to help their clients save more. Practicing good highway etiquette and going easy on the gas pedal will help keep you and your passengers safe, and your auto insurance costs down.

Increased Fuel Efficiency: Be Frugal, Safe and Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Using fuel more efficiently not only saves you money, it also helps prevents accidents and reduces the amount of harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere. Decreasing your speed from 120 km/hr to 90 km/hr also decreases your fuel consumption by nearly 20 per cent, and by obeying the speed limit you will keep you and your family safe and your Calgary auto insurance premiums low.

According to the City of Edmonton, there are simple ways to increase fuel efficiency and reduce GHG emissions from a gas powered vehicle:

  • Avoid idling: An idling engine wastes fuel and needlessly releases GHGs.
  • Roll down the windows when driving slow. Only use air conditioning for highway cruising.
  • Drive smoothly: Sudden acceleration increases overall fuel consumption and increases GHG emissions.
  • Reduce unnecessary braking. Coasting increases fuel efficiency, saves gas, and reduces emissions.
  • Plan your trips. Combine errands and map out routes that avoid traffic jams, steep hills, and construction zones.
  • Use cruise control when driving on flat stretches of highway. Constant speeds below 100 km/hr increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Reduce vehicle weight. Remove unnecessary objects and purchase less fuel whenever possible.
  • Never overfill your tank.  If your gas tank is too full, vapours escape and contribute to smog.
  • Maintain your engine. Properly maintained vehicles use half as much fuel.
  • Minimize vehicle drag. Driving with your windows down at high speeds, using roof mounted racks or carrying a heavy load increases drag and decreases fuel efficiency.
  • Do the body work. A smooth car body can increase fuel efficiency by reducing the drag on your vehicle by up to 12 per cent.
  • Check tire pressure at least once a month. Properly inflated tires increase fuel efficiency.
  • Properly balance, rotate and align your tires. You’ll enjoy better tire performance and increased fuel efficiency.
  • Check your owner’s manual and purchase fuel with the proper octane level. Higher-octane fuels take more crude oil to produce and cause more harm to the environment.
  • Purchase lighter weight, multi-grade oil for fall driving. Heavier oil reduces engine efficiency, increases emissions and causes higher maintenance costs.

More Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

A hybrid provides good fuel efficiency, and, in general, the smaller and lighter the vehicle, the more frugal you’ll be at the pump. If you don’t own a hybrid, consider doing the following to further reduce your fuel consumption:

  • Carpool to work and use your gas powered vehicle on weekends
  • If you pull a trailer on yearly vacations, rent a truck and use a smaller vehicle during the year
  • When running errands, park near the exit of parking lots rather than driving in circles in search of a spot
  • Walk, ride a bike, or ride the bus to visit family and friends in the city

*Just one city bus can take up to 40 passenger cars off the road, conserve 70,000 litres of gas, and prevent nine tonnes of pollutants from entering the atmosphere.

Bow Valley Insurance: Insurance at the Lowest Rates

Bow Valley encourages everyone to be frugal and save on their Calgary auto insurance premiums by practicing good highway etiquette and good driving habits to increase fuel efficiency and protect the environment.

At Bow Valley Insurance, we specialize in auto insurance discounts, and whether you need personal or commercial Calgary auto insurance, the brokers at Bow Valley promise to find you the lowest rates. Request your free auto insurance quote from today, and if you’re considering purchasing a hybrid, be sure to contact one of our brokers and ask about our hybrid vehicle discounts!