Cabin and Boat Insurance For the Alberta Summertime

Albertans work hard and relish our time off, so we tend to make the most of the precious summer days we get to spend doing whatever we want in our favourite place on the planet. But, unfortunately, “life” can catch up to us wherever we are.

Whether your getaway is a backcountry cabin or the middle of a lake with your fishing pole, there’s always a chance something can happen to wreak havoc on your vacation. Cabin and boat insurance are essentials to ensure that even the usual suspects for vacation upheaval like Mother Nature and adolescents won’t be able to ruin your holiday mood. As insurance brokers, Bow Valley Insurance has access to a number of providers, so we can find the perfect package to cover your family’s cabin, cottage and pleasure craft to make sure your days off are worry-free.

Alberta Cabin Insurance

Cabin or cottage insurance is also referred to as seasonal home insurance, and is usually offered as an extension of your home insurance policy, and may depend on how much time you spend at your secondary home. Our experienced insurance brokers at Bow Valley Insurance will be happy to explain to you how this works in detail, but generally cabin insurance starts with a relatively basic plan and then builds from there. The reason a seasonal home insurance plan isn’t necessarily as comprehensive as your home insurance plan from the outset is because of the fact that vacation homes can vary greatly. It doesn’t make much sense to insure a snug, one-room cabin deep in the woods the same way as you would a modern build in a populated community.

Depending on the location and type of your seasonal home, there are various methods to insure it that you may want to speak to us about.

Alberta Boat or Watercraft Insurance

Summer watercrafts come in many shapes and sizes. Canadians love to traverse our lakes and rivers aboard sailboats, fishing dinghies, motorboats and rafts, and, unfortunately, all are places where mishaps tend to happen. No matter how careful you are, accidents on the water are common, and not only do you have to worry about keeping yourself uninjured so you can safely pilot your ship, you also have to worry about your passengers as well. If someone hurts himself or herself while you’re out for a day of water-skiing and tubing, you could be found liable.

Other incidences where boat insurance proves its necessity are if you ever find yourself stranded and in need of rescue, and if you accidentally collide with another watercraft while docking.

Definitions for boats and watercraft vary by policy. Please ask us about the boat insurance coverages we offer.

Bow Valley Insurance Will Meet All Your Summer Insurance Needs!

Our mandate is to provide the very best coverage at the very best rates for all our clients. Our brokers will assess your cabin and/or boat insurance needs, obtain quotes from several providers, and then provide you with the most competitive offer. Please contact us today if you have any questions or to request a watercraft insurance quote. As you plan your summer adventures, Bow Valley Insurance will meet all your summer insurance needs!