Bow Valley Auto Insurance Calgary: Safe Winter Driving Tips

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Since we all know that one of the best ways to keep your rates low is to remain claims-free, we encourage our clients to practice care and control of their vehicles at all times. Statistics for collisions in Alberta for 2012 indicate accidents are very common, so safe driving at all times should be a priority.

Auto Insurance Calgary: Quick Facts on Alberta Collisions in 2012

The following statistics were reported by Transportation Alberta for 2012.

Out of 136,595 total collisions for the year there were:

  • 18,220 injuries
  • 345 fatalities

Of all at-fault drivers, 88 per cent admitted to making an error. Most accidents occurred on Fridays, and evening rush hour was peak time for collisions.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

A window scraper and brush is a must! Start by keeping your car as free from snow and ice as possible.

Snow tires are also highly recommended.

In case of emergency, the following items should be kept in your vehicle at all times during the winter:

  • A lightweight shovel
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • Blankets
  • Emergency food and water

Auto Insurance in Calgary: Learn to Control a Skid

Turn in to a skid (in the direction you’re skidding) and accelerate. This transfers the weight of your vehicle from front to rear, and will help you regain control.

Avoid Using Cruise Control When Driving on Snow and Ice

Using cruise control in wintery conditions is extremely dangerous. If your vehicle begins to hydroplane, your car may accelerate.

Leave Ample Distance Between You and the Vehicle in Front of You

The consequences of abrupt braking become much worse during the winter. Always allow plenty of stopping distance between you and the vehicle you’re following.

Auto Insurance Calgary: Reduce Speed and Avoid Sudden Turns or Stops

Always drive slowly and use extreme caution on snow and ice covered roads. Driving too fast is a major cause of winter collisions.

Brake slowly and reduce your speed before negotiating a turn. Sudden turning or stopping can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and often results in a collision.

If your car comes equipped with anti-lock brakes, never “pump” your brakes. Applying constant pressure allows the system to work properly.

Auto Insurance Calgary: Winter Collisions and Your Insurance Rates

Insurance companies must assign fault for an accident in order to determine liability for damages. No matter how slippery the road or how poor the visibility, all drivers are expected to use caution in poor driving conditions to decrease the likelihood of an accident. While road conditions can be a major contributing factor to a winter collision, being involved in a collision during any season can increase your auto insurance rates.

Bow Valley Auto Insurance Calgary: Get the Best Value for Your Insurance Dollars

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