• 10 Most Common Home Safety Hazards and How to Prevent Them

    The top 10 home safety risks and how to avoid them

    As a homeowner, you’re responsible for everything that happens in your home. This means keeping your family safe, and your house comfortable and in order. A safe and stable environment is the best way to protect everything and everyone that matters most to you. The reality is, though, that life can be messy and chaotic,

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  • What Is Distracted Driving? 10 Tips for Preventing Accidents

    How to prevent distracted driving?

    Every driver knows better than to drink and drive, but chances are that everyone’s guilty of sending a quick text or calling while stuck in traffic or stopped at a red light. However, did you know that distracted driving is actually just as dangerous as driving under the influence? According to the National Highway Traffic

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  • Home Inventory Guide: What Is It and Why You Need One Now

    What is a home inventory?

    We don’t often realize it, but we accumulate so many things throughout our lifetime. Every so often, we cycle through new belongings—from big-ticket items like a new car, furniture, and appliances, to everyday items like clothing and other little things.  Then, there are investment pieces: art, jewelry, watches, collectibles, and more. The fact is that

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  • What Is Homeowners Insurance and What Does It Cover?

    What is homeowners insurance?

    You’ve heard this time and time again: your home is your biggest investment. But it’s true, and it’s why you need to protect it. The best way you can protect your home and everything it stands for—such as the life you’ve built for you and your loved ones—is with homeowners insurance. What is home insurance?

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  • 8 Top BBQ Safety Tips for Homeowners

    Top BBQ safety tips for homeowners

    Summer is here—the season of outdoor fun, lounging by the pool, backyard parties, and delicious barbecues under the sun (as much as social distancing protocols permit). However, the first step in your delicious BBQ ribs recipe isn’t firing up the grill: it’s making sure your grill is up for the task, and safe to start

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  • Do I Need to Take an RV Education Course In Alberta?

    Do I Need to Take an RV Education Course In Alberta?

    If you’re planning on buying an Recreation Vehicle you might be wondering if you need to take an RV Ed course. An Alberta driver with a regular Class 5 licence is allowed to drive almost any size of RV, provided it’s not equipped with air brakes. However, even if you have a Class 5 licence

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