• Can I Change My House Insurance at Any Time?

    Can I Change My House Insurance at Any Time?

    Whether you have been with your homeowner’s insurance company for many years or your recent policy is about to expire, you may be wondering if it is time to change your house insurance. While staying with the same insurance company can have a number of benefits, such as premium discounts, there could be some valid

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  • Can Car Insurance Rates Be Negotiated?

    Can Car Insurance Rates Be Negotiated

    In some markets, such as buying a new vehicle, bartering over the price tag is an expected part of the purchasing process. But what about insurance policies? Can car insurance rates be negotiated? While haggling in the traditional sense over the cost of insurance isn’t possible, there are a number of ways that you can

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  • Is It Required to Have Condo Insurance?

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    Condo insurance is used for protection of personal belongings and the improvements made inside a condominium unit. It will also provide coverage against costs arising from injury to visitors inside your unit and damage caused to other units due to your negligence within the building. Condo insurance isn’t mandatory, but there are many good arguments

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