• Things to Consider for Insurance When Purchasing a Heritage Home

    Buying a heritage home

    Buying a home is an exciting step in your life. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a heritage home, you can run into different challenges than when shopping for a newer home. While older homes come with charm and character, they might have issues below the surface that are difficult to spot. An inspection is

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  • 15 Ways to Prevent a Sewer Backup From Happening

    Sewer backup prevention

    Many homeowners are unaware that water causes more damage to homes and personal property than fire. Water damage is the main cause of property claims. Water damage can occur in your home in many ways, from plumbing leaks to leaky foundations and flooding to sewer backups. Although it can be difficult to protect your home

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  • When Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

    Commercial auto insurance

    If you’ve ever owned a car, you’re familiar with auto insurance. But did you know that there’s a big difference between personal car insurance and commercial auto insurance? If you own a car and it’s for personal use by you and your family members — then you likely do not need commercial auto insurance. If

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